How long has it been since you listened to a song which swept you away? How long has it been since what you listened was music and not noise? Quite long, isn’t? Bollywood has turned into a manufacturer of execrable songs and with every passing day the standard further deteriorates. The beauty and strength of music transcends the physical boundaries which confine human abilities and emotions. I remember my father telling me an incident comprising of Albert Einstein and the prodigy Yehudi Menuhim where after listening to the performance of Menuhim, Einstein went backstage, held Menuhim’s hands and said,”Yehudi, once again you’ve proved to be that there is a god in heaven.” Till date I haven’t come across a better example to posit the power which music possesses. However, I seriously wonder if Einstein had he been alive, would have undergone similar divine experience if he listened to the present Bollywood songs? Constant use of expletives, slangs, repetitive lines, salacious lyrics have demeaned the essence of good music. Most of the songs hitting the market are remix of old songs belonging to the period of 1960s or 1970s. Apparently the profession lacks novelty and freshness.

No matter how much you dance on songs of Honey Singh or Abazz or Badshah, their songs are devoid of tranquility and centre around degrading the fairer sex by immense objectification of female body and womanhood. Is this the kind of music we are looking forward to? Is this the impeccable standard of music Bollywood is capable of presenting?  Speaking of item songs, their sole purpose is to create eroticism for the audience through the objectification of women. The fact that almost all such songs are performed by women speaks volumes about the sinking of social mores to abysmally low levels. Songs like “pallu ke niche Chupa ke rakha hai utha du toh hungama ho” , “kundi mat khad kao raja sidhe andar aao raja”, “baby doll main sone ki” are all vivid examples of how Bollywood has played a significant role in demeaning the figure of a woman. The lyrics being used are seeped with the masculine notion of a woman which views her as a morsel of his sexual appetite. Item songs are the nemesis of music. Indeed!

Songs of 60s and 70s contained morals, brought stark realities of life and often proliferated with inspirational undertones. Songs like ‘jeena isika naam ka’, ’kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe’, ’aane wala pal jaane wala hai’ carved a niche for themselves and till date invigorate with same intensity and marvel. This property of attaining immortality and ad infinitum is absolutely lacking in contemporary songs of Bollywood which generally cater to the interest of a particular section of society often represented by obnoxious taste. To state in simple words, it lacks magic! What can be a more idiotic representation of so profound an emotion as love by comparing its nuances to ‘saree ke fall sa’ ? What’s even more pitiable is that even the good songs produced are very soon forgotten or fail to attract greater audience. The choice of audience is to be blamed as well. The fact that many nightingales of Bollywood like Alka Yagnik and many more have left singing just because of the pathetic songs being produced, speaks volumes about the caucus the music industry of Bollywood is in.

For me humming any song of present time has become an antiquity. It’s always the song of 70s and I’m sure there are many like me sulking under the same dilemma and frustration. One must understand that music isn’t something boisterous which you can play loud when drunk and dance all night. It’s the most restricted and wrong notion. The genres of music are pervasive. Music as opposed to present standard and quality isn’t noise, instead it’s a medium to calm your soul and flutter your heart. It’s about making you feel and sweeping into a world of dream, a magical land from which you simply refuse to step outside.





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