The Speech for “Azaadi”; Kanhaiya Kumar


The fierce speech delivered by the JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar in the JNU campus after being released on the interim bail has created a storm amongst the nation. Calling it as his “Talk to the nation” speech, Kanhaiya’s astounding oratory skills were accepted by the crowd with a deafening cheer. The speech was made at the administrative block, the same place where he had addressed students just a day before his arrest.

After listening to the complete speech Kumar delivered, it seemed to me as the whole issue has took a turn from “Anti-National” to “Anti-Government”, with all guns blazing at the Modi government, Smriti Irani and RSS. With major part of the speech loaded with these accusations, my brain is triggered to think about the massive political undertones of his speech. Before I continue with my opinion further, I would like to mention that I don’t follow any political ideology or any political party but hitting every time on government for everything is something which is quite easy.

I am astounded by the remarks in painting one man in bad light, very smoothly shifting the focus from the court to pointing the government in power.It seemed to me like some opposition political leader is settling scores with BJP.

Quoting some lines from his speech, “The change of sedition was used as a political tool, and I have complete faith in the judicial system of India.” If that is the case, then why did you create hullabaloo about those who are found guilty in the charges of terrorism? In pursuit of a kick-start to your political endeavours, why are you creating a fuss on the educational campus in the name of exercising freedom of speech?

Using Rohith Vermula context doesn’t define in claiming “azaadi” either. With the entire buzz about the “home coming” speech that the media is gardening its TRP over, I no doubt accolade for the brilliant oratory skills but at the same time found the motive rather diverting. I am a supporter of freedom of speech; it is our right but politics on campus? I simply cannot favour that.

“69 percent age of this country voted against their ideology (BJP’s), only 31 percent are those who are fooled by their ‘Jumlebaazi’”. Only 31 percent voted for BJP, correct. If the statistics is to be believed then by 4 percent CPI and CPI(M) combined got. Doesn’t this mean that the rest 96 percent doesn’t believe in your ideology? What has the vote share of BJP to do with the given issue?

“ We want freedom in India, not freedom from India.” Where were you asking for your plea for “azaadi” when the Congress looted India with its various scams and UPA was looting with its corruption? In his attempt to irrigate a political seed, Kanhaiya said that Modi has promised to provide 15 lakhs rupees in the bank accounts of everyone, which infact is not true.

What Modi said was just an analogy to make people understand the amount of black money in terms of Indian rupees. What he said was that, the amount of money involved in Swiss banks is so massive that it may be equivalent to 15 lakh rupees in everybody’s bank accounts. Modi’s government may not be able to fulfil its entire manifesto by 2019 but that is what our democratic setup is- to take the goal of development further and never let the cycle end.

Kanhaiya’s speech was electrifying; he definitely knows how to handle the opposition and pull the crowd but raising slogans in the hidden pursuit of a political backing is something which is hoarse. Don’t let the controversy starved media rule over the mind and create a hero out of his propaganda.

Freedom is granted for everything in this country that is why few people started taking freedom for granted.

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