Things You Will Miss About School When You Enter College

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As so many of you await the impending results and college admissions to begin, it is impossible to not look back at the precious years you’ve spent in school. While the transition from school to college is going to be strewn with unique challenges for each one of you, there are some quirks of college like that will catch you unawares. For a month at least, you will keep revisiting your school time and miss a lot of things/people.

  • School Friends:
For the most obvious reasons, you will miss your school buddies, and will keep coming back to them, narrating your escapades through the first few days of college. Eventually, you will make new friends and more memories, but like homing pigeons you’ll keep revisiting your school friends and the associated pranks.
  • Certainty:
Through 12 years of schooling , you know what the chart of progress is going to look like, year after year. In college however, you cannot even be sure of the next lecture. Each semester has something new in store, and there is scope to get involved in umpteen clubs, initiatives, publications that the definition of college life changes for everyone.
  • Time Table:
And not just the class schedule, mind you. Let me just put it out there. There will remain no trace of anything that even remotely looks like a pattern in your life. Sooner or later, you will give up waking up and sleeping at fixed times. Let alone regularity and discipline, after a point of time, you will even stop attending lectures. Waking up for the first lecture will seem like a burden, especially since you were binge watching Suits or Game of Thrones last night. Pulling all-nighters will be the other skill you major in.
The good part, however, is that even though you’ll miss all of it, you will not exactly want it back, and college life will have offerings of its own kind. The rush, urgency and fun will be unlike anything you had before, and unlike anything you will have after college.
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