To a Happy Women’s Day


Virginia Woolf once said “For most part of history, anonymous was a women.”

Today, as the calendar unfolds to the 8th of March, the whole world unites to celebrate Women’s Day.  Caught in an impalpable confusion and a jam of emotions, I casually begin to ponder ‘Why Women’s Day’. Slaved by a nagging gut, I instantly turn to my savior ‘Google’. Within two seconds, I’m introduced to an array of scholarly articles describing the significance of the above. Gazing through a few, my baffled state of consciousness occupies a territory of dissent and anger. ‘’In remembrance and respect for uninhibited bravery and exemplary achievements borne by women in the course of history”, is what I gathered, more or less.

Although it’s overwhelming to witness the exhilaration associated with the auspicious occasion, there is a huge paradox in its very prevalence. From 50% off coupons at restaurants, bars and shopping stores, corporate lunches and seminars to The United Nations World Commemoration, no stone is left unturned to make it a day to reckon. But I’d really like to ask, ‘Is that it?’ Is women’s day all about spa discounts, flashy deals and parties or forums?

The valor and prowess exhibited by women from varied spheres of life across history is certainly of unparalleled significance.  Sita in Ramayana and Drauapti in Mahabharat, Indira Nooyi as CEO of Pepsico to Mother Teresa and Sarojini Naidu. Indira Gandhi for her ferociousness to Kalpana Chawla or Saina Nehwal, women have been omnipresent in all spheres of excellence. Despite the diversity in talents and deeds, there’s one common element entailing them all- the will to breakthrough from the vicious shackles of patriarchy and pave way for changes. Despite these, India today faces enormous challenges amongst which female underrepresentation and oppression are most crucial.  Rapes here occur at an unprecedented rate. Domestic violence is escalating with growing revolution, ironically both in the upper and lower strata of the society.

While we worry about these issues, which are certainly legitimate and daunting, there is a lot more in the socket of problems. Living in a patriarchal society, chauvinism is indisputably ubiquitous and boundless, sometimes ‘we’ the women being the victims whereas at other times, the very catalysts to the same. Although, my previous statement may come across as a mere cacophony, I do have a validated hypothesis for the same. I beg a moment of frankness to tone some clarity. Imagine a normal scenario from your day-to day lives and ask yourself, how many times do our fathers get up to switch on the television, do our brothers ever help in the household chores, are women ever drivers looked upon with any chivalry in today’s world, how many times do we see a relationship surviving on a woman earning more. All questions invariably leading us to a No! Yet we take it all. Rich or not, educated or less, the fearless men have garbed incessant control.

So my dear friends, this Women’s Day, do something special and rise above the material whispers of the world. Go thank your moms for preparing your tiffin’s early in the morning, embrace your sisters for lending you that ‘cute little top’. Sit with your grandmoms, learning about their secret recipes! Today, give love to all the women around, gratifying them for their unflinching efforts and unconditional love.


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