Travel your Wanderlust


The whole work is a book and those who do not travel read only a page of it. – Saint Augustine

Traveling was an underrated activity some time ago but today when I scroll my Facebook timeline and get to see plenty of “Travel Diaries” it gives me satisfaction, satisfaction that there is still urge to explore. Explore, not the world but to explore your own self. To get lost to a place that doesn’t know you revives your identity, to people who you have never met makes you meet yourself in all new dimensions, to those breathtaking views that accumulates all the broken pieces inside you. We don’t need luxuries when we travel all we need is ourselves or perhaps a peaceful company. It’s very often that we come across the hashtag ‘Much needed break’, the realization of this need to break the monotony is what makes me happy. The realization that there is a lot more to us that perpetually gets lost in our lives, traveling my friend is to find that out. We carry dozens of expectations before any trip which describes our idea of happiness and what we come out with is what is going to make us happy for the rest of our lives. In my experiences reality has been way ahead of what I expected out of any trip being sure enough that it’s a majority stance. You never come out as the same person, it’s about that little heartbreak that was mended silently, it’s about that grand happiness which was celebrated in one long sigh, it’s about that regret you let go on your way to the destination, it’s about that confession you decided you’ll make after the trip. In short, it’s Magic. It’s what you want to give life back in return of whatever you have faced good or bad after you come back. It about everything that will never happen to you in your routine.

Karan Gupta, an avid traveler and an engineering student quotes how it’s essential in your youth to travel and find out that very thing that I hidden inside. He quotes “Traveling makes you meet at a time when you are expecting to meet yourself the least. Traveling for me is a time where I can introspect my thoughts in peace and enjoy the moment to the fullest without any setbacks”.


As they truly say ; “I travelled for days, but only felt lost when I was home”.

Traveling is meditation, it’s that ability to experience everyday things as if for the first time. It’s about making memories that you can cling on for an entire life. It’s about the people you meet, it’s about the bonds you come out with. People may leave and bonds may break but a part of it always remains inside you. Each of that part only makes you rich. Richer than the person you were while packing your bags. It’s about owning only what you can carry, it’s about breaking free from all that which is not you, it’s about searching for new questions and leaving back all the answers that made you sad.

“The further I travel, the closer I am to myself.” -Andrews McCarthy


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