Were the Destructive Ways Justified while Demanding Jat Reservations?


Too many protests have been going on in our country, some agitated because some believed that they could get whatever they wanted just by threatening the government (which is proving to be true), while some people actively took part in protests without even knowing the cause, just because his fellow community members were doing the same.

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But, when the reason behind all the protests is, RESERVATION, the country gets perturbed to a massive extent.
The Jats have been demanding reservation in jobs and educational institutions since many months, but the Manohar Lal Khattar Government did not bother to cater to their needs, having no idea that the intensity of not doing the same, would be so high. In the last week of January, around 90 Khaps of Haryana gave their consent for organizing blockades in the state from February 15. Sarv Jat Khap and Panchayat Khap leaders even prepared a road-map for the agitation under which 50 locations had been identified where road and rail blockades would be organized, but the BJP government did not take the threat seriously. The result was so massive that many towns including the capital had to face the agitation.

Haryana and various parts of Delhi have been on a boil since the last few days because many members of the Jat Community went to an extent of destroying properties worth crores, further causing a loss of 100 crores to the railways. Many lives have been lost because of the protest; there has been water shortage in Delhi. The city witnessed thirsty old women crying on the streets, schools and offices getting closed because of threats. 60% of water supply got affected due to the protests. Many water plants had been closed due to insufficient supply from the Munak Canal. There was army flag march and police patrolling, in spite of which violence and arson in the Jat quota stir in the state spread to more areas.  They hoped to get back their reserved category status by creating a huge chaos. Appalled to say so, but they were not wrong.


The well-off communities demand reservation being comparatively high in the social ladder. How justified is that? There are 26% Jats in Haryana’s electorate who are considered to be the single most powerful and the most influential community. The ruling BJP got anxious over the political fallout and finally Haryana’s CM announced to bring Special Backward Class quota bill for jats and for four other castes in the forthcoming budget session of the assembly.

Whether demanding reservation was justified or not is secondary. The questions that are of the utmost importance are: Were the ways justified? Was it justified to cause havoc in other people’s lives, to attain a goal? These are the questions to which we all need answers to.

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