Generation Clueless

Clueless in the midst of opportunities and timelessness.  Illustration Credits- Anushka Saxena, Sunshine Blessings
Clueless in the midst of opportunities and timelessness.
Illustration Credits- Anushka Saxena, Sunshine Blessings


With the new year celebrations over and  as most undergraduates start what would be their final semester in Delhi University, there is a special place in which most people reside known as the “ The House of the Clueless”. Along with the reigning members, new enrolments feature people in their second year, who are now at a point wherein they’ve managed to successfully pass half their course length and have become experts in hiding or changing topics whenever the question “Aur beta, aage kya karne ka plan hai” is put forth to them.

On the surface, the likes of us seem “unsorted” to say the least. Look a little further and one would realise that most of us suffer daily (if not bi-hourly) panic attacks even if all we do is stalk other people on Instagram or any social platform really, and think “My God! People are talented! What am I doing! How is this adulthood supposed to be working out! Can’t I go back to being two and start again?” and the desperation couldn’t get anymore palpable.

Life after college seems to be this big challenge that we aren’t really ready for. There isn’t a manual, hell there aren’t even those many random blogs and rants over the web as to how are we expected to survive! (Haah! and you thought internet knew everything.) It somehow seems surprising as to how we got to this point so fast. I mean, weren’t we JUST giving our 12th boards?  Our 20s are supposed to be vital times wherein we are magically supposed to figure most of our lives out, carve a direction and let go of the habit of wearing sweatpants for most of the day.(ummm ma! I lost my wand! wait…what?) Yet surprisingly, the plans made by the stary eyed 17 year old have fallen into pieces, or turned out pretty futile and you’re left to grope in the dark yet again giving you the entire “ye batti kissne bujhaai?… oh! that’s my life…sorry.” feels. Getting to class was once the hardest task on our lists but now seems to be an activity we just don’t wish to stop. The decisions of what we wanted to eat, have now turned feebly easy in front of what seems to be an endlessly looming black hole in place of the future. “I had this planed, but what was the damn plan and how did it work out in my head so perfectly and not in physicality?” seems to be running around in our heads at any given point now.

(here’s the light…)

It sounds bad, and yet it is not so.  Life’s spinning us in circles faster and faster, but we aren’t giving up.Come on! You’ve reached 8:30 lecture on time…haven’t you? you can do this too!

( I really hope you HAVE reached the 8.30 lecture…once at least?)

Call it young ambition or optimism, most of us are still fighting hard, hitting each other up with occasional “ Yaar, abh kya karein? Kuch soocha?”, giving innumerable entrance exams, googling every opportunity and colleges we can think of and simply trying and thrashing to keep our heads above water.

We realise that our life isn’t going to look like Carrie Bradshaw’s right after we graduate, because lets face it  only Anastasia Steele gets a job right out of college.So what can we do? We can only hope to be like a ballet dancer, gracefully gliding through the up’s and down’s and ensure that when we finally stop spinning, we land bang center stage and finish with a flourish with the lights focussed on us, to a standing ovation.


Ok cry a bit and get back to work…Bye.