‘Best of 4’ Advantage for Choosing Language in BA Programme

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Delhi University applicants, who have studied modern Indian Languages (MIL) such as Bengali and Tamil in school, will gain up to 10% additional points if they opt for the language while taking admission in BA Programme.

Only those applicants who take up the MIL as a subject in BA Programme will get the benefit in colleges where it is offered. Applicants will be given be an advantage of 10 percentage points on their ‘best four’, a university official said.

However, students will get the advantage only in those colleges where MIL is offered as a subject. The MILs offered in the university are Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu and Bengali.

If an applicant opts for Modern Indian Language (MIL) (except Hindi) as a subject, an advantage of up to 10% may be given in ‘Best Four’ in those colleges where MIL is offered as a subject,” a university official said.

The scheme is an attempt by the university to promote the study of Indian languages at higher level.

There are many students who have studied one or the other modern Indian languages in their school. One of the ways to encourage them to continue to study the language at undergraduate level is to give them some advantage and this way they continue to study the language which they might have given up otherwise,” a university official said.

For admission to BA Programme, students have to take one language and any three elective subjects. But those who change stream will face a disadvantage.
A deduction of up to 5% on ‘Best Four’ percentage may be imposed if there is a change of stream for admission to BA programme, which means either from Commerce stream to Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences or from Science stream to Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences,” a university official told Hindustan Times.

The university has had over 2.5 lakh online registrations for its undergraduate programmes out of which 1,24,099 applications have been completed as of Wednesday 9 pm.

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