DU Aspirant Allegedly Harassed Over CW Quota Verification

Source: Hindustan times/ Sushil Kumar

DU admissions are in full swing and while the cutoffs are being released on one side, the aspirants seeking admissions under the CW Quota have to follow a separate procedure for the admissions which involves visiting the office for document verification in the first instance according to the category.

As per the UG admissions bulletin,

“All applicants seeking admission to various undergraduate programmes of the University of Delhi will have to register online as per schedule notified by the University.Five percent (5%) of seats are reserved for applicants under CW categories, programme-wise in all colleges.All the CW applicants have to upload the Educational Concession certificate in the enclosed format to be issued by any of the following authorities on the proper letterhead.

(i) Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, Delhi.

(ii) Secretary, Rajya Zila Sainik Board.

(iii) Officer-in-Charge, Record Office.

(iv) 1 st Class Stipendiary Magistrate.

(v) Ministry of Home Affairs (For Police Personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards)

Admission may be offered to the Children/Widows of Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military Personnel, in the following order of preference:

(i) Widows/Wards of Defence personnel killed in action;

(ii) Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in action and Boarded out from service with disability attributable to military service;

(iii) Widows/Wards of Defence Personnel who died in peace time with death attributable to military service;

(iv) Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in peace time and Boarded out with disability attributable to the military service; and

(v) Wards of serving/ Ex-servicemen personnel including personnel of police forces who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards”

These seats are supernumerary which means that they are over and above the 56,000 seats that DU colleges have on offer through the mode of cutoffs.

However, the official’s fixation with the wordings of the certificates allegedly appalled an applicant.

Anjali Sirohi, a DU alumnus herself made a public post about the ensuing humiliation that followed. She writes,


My father died on July 09, 2009 while on military service during peace time. He left behind- me, my mother and two younger siblings with a death certificate that would ensure some benefits to my mother because of his service to the nation. A service where we got to live for only THREE YEARS of our lives with him.

Today, my brother was supposed to take admission in University of Delhi under the Children of War Widows (CW) category that places us in Priority 3- Wards/ Widows of defence personnel who died while in service with death attributable to military service. The officer from KSB, asked my mother to prove to him on her papers the point – ‘with death attributable to military service.’


I am heartbroken and helpless. We are already fighting a case in DELHI HC, with regards to a previous issue where influential people have wrongfully taken hold of my sister’s seat in MBBS-Lady hardinge college- FMSC, DU that was supposed to be given to her under this category ‘on merit’. Delhi University has made a mockery out of us.

We’re alone, and there’s no one as far as we can see. My mother was asked to prove her husband’s death today.

Let our voice reach where it should, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this. I hope no one has to ever go through this.

In an exclusive interview with University Express, she shares her agony, “My sister was denied a deserved seat in Lady Hardinge College- FMSC, DU last year, because of arbitrary policies with respect to admissions, and even after fighting a case (that brought us a great financial blow in the form of the legal expenses) and undergoing mental trauma, she had to eventually drop a year.
And then this happens today during my brother’s admission process. We feel utterly humiliated. All the elements of democracy have failed us. They wanted the words “died in peace time with death attributable to military service“, and insisted on getting a certificate with the same. My mother had to go down to RK puram and get the certificate issued. Do they realise the mental torment they send us through when they thoughtlessly play with words and incidents like death of a father?”

The present situation is that they applied for and received a new certificate from Kendriya Sainik Board and will go again today for verification of documents.


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