Peek Into DU ECA Admission Prelim Trials, Shortlist Expected by 28th

7th cut-off
Photo by Anuradha Mishra

Students from different parts of the country are seen thronging the respective colleges for the ECA trials according to the schedule specified by the varsity.

University Express team visited Kirori Mal College and SGTB Khalsa college situated in the North Campus where trials for Music and Debate were being conducted respectively.

Debate ECA trials; Photo by Anuradha Mishra

As per the ECA Committee, there were around 1,500 applicants over 100 seats (in total) for the Debate trials which meant 50-60 students reporting for the trial per day. The Students are given topics of debate on the spot and 10-15 minutes time for the preparation to present their debate in separate rooms in front of a panelist and facing the camera. According to the varsity guidelines, the colleges are required to record the trials for verification purposes.

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The music trials are divided into the following categories:

  • Indian Vocal (Classical and Folk)
  • Indian Instrumental (Classical and Folk)
  • Western Instrumental
  • Western Vocal,
Photo by Anuradha Mishra
Photo by Anuradha Mishra

The trials are conducted separately for each category. One of the coordinators at music trials said that there are almost 2,000 applicants and the seats are allotted on the basis of requirements of different colleges in accordance to different categories. There was a huge rush of applicants resulting into 60-70 students reporting per day for the trials.
One of the coordinators revealed that the committee managing the trials faces problem conducting the trials in form of “uncooperative students”, “a huge rush” and “many guardians escorting a single applicant. The trials go on for as late as 8pm and sometimes 9pm, as the colleges are supposed to cover all the applicants coming for the trails per day.

Photo by Anuradha Mishra
Photo by Anuradha Mishra

One of the applicant who had come for the music trials, upon being asked, revealed that “the panelists seem to be intimidating in the trial rooms” , “there was not enough time to do my best” and “the trails were being conducted very late despite the specific given time periods”.

The last date for Music and Debate trails is 25th and 26th respectively. By 27th or 28th June, the students can expect the final list to be published on the DU website, after which the schedule for final trials will be announced where students are supposed to bring in their certificates.

This article has been co-authored by Anuradha Mishra, a student of SGTB Khalsa College and a Campus Associate Intern with University Express.


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