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Among the most sought-out courses is B.Com Honours. A lot of students, whether from the commerce stream or not, opt for this course, because of the magnitude of topics and sub-streams covered under it, and also owing to the popularity of financial initiatives in the country

“What am I going to study? B.Com sounds…ambiguous!”

Bachelors in Commerce (Honors) is a vast projection of what we learn in High School. Think of it as bunch of octopus with different tentacles. One octopus is law, with business law, corporate law as its sub-divisions. Another is accountancy divided into Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting. The number-crunching is only balanced out by the more creative fields: Marketing, Advertising, Management, among others.

“So there’s a lot of studying involved. Huge books, right?”

There is no doubt studying and practising from the thick books is imperative as a B.Com student, but it would be good for you to know that a lot of colleges in DU have active societies, by the name of Commerce Association, Marketing Society, Finance and Investment Cell, etc, that are usually charged by commerce students. These societies organise umpteen events, competitive and non-competitive, that will hone your skills and knowledge for the real world. Working for such events, or even attending such events is fun and you get to meet like-minded people. If you ask me, a lot of your long-lasting friendships are built while working for a society.

“Career prospects achhe hain, I think I will opt for commerce then”

A lot of truth, sprinkled with a spoonful of lie. The thing with this course is that it is as vast as it gets. Graduates from Commerce go on into the most vibrant professions: from the knowledge oriented courses like Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretaryship to the desk-job oriented Research and data profiles, commerce students also spread their wings elsewhere, with such arenas as business journalism and law gaining momentum.  To be fair, commerce students are spoilt for choice, which is both a good and a bad thing. Such variety is not seen anywhere else.

But this also means that concentrating one’s efforts towards a particular field is a pre-requisite before stepping out as a graduate, and the onus of figuring out what to do lies on you, as a student.

“Hear it from the alum: Been there, done that”

Arushi Sharma, an alumna of Indraprastha College for Women (Batch 2016) mentions,

What I liked most about my course was the diverse curriculum that ultimately helped me explore my areas of interest. Career prospects can be as varied as the subjects you study. Some go for an MBA or even a Masters in Mass Communication. Then there are CA, CS, and other courses like CFA, which are relatively easier to crack for B.Com students. An academic or research career route is not out of bounds either.
What you learn in the classroom also comes in handy when you’re competing in B-Plan competitions, which are fairly common in DU’s Commerce and Business fests.
Since it’s not just law and accountancy, as many believe it to be, the scope is endless, the possibilities are infinite: law, accounts, advertising, marketing, management, data research…as I said, endless.


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