Peek Into DU Course: Psychology Honours


Beta aap Psychology padhte ho? Batao zara fir mere dimaag mein kya chal raha hai?
If you could relate to this, well, hi how’s the Psychology Major going?

Psychology is derived from the Greek word psyche, which means ‘body’ or ‘cialul’. But kahi hum iss zindagi ki bhaag daudh mein fass gaye hai ki hum apni aatma ko bhul gaye hai! Now before you start interpreting the subject in terms of face/mind-reading or seeking spiritual secrets to happy living. Bro! That is Tantric Hons.

Career Prospects

Psychology enables a cognitively sensitive understanding of your own self and the social environment. With time, the prominence of Psychological science has grown severe folds. Psychology presently, not only caters to mental well-being but also societal needs and market demands. Yes, you read that right.

While a majority of them might choose to be private practioners, there are abundant avenues available in HR Departments at MNCs, consulting firms, psychometric firms, trainers, defense, sports, NGOs, government organizations, schools and universities to name a few.

About the Course: Balancing Theory and Practical

The subject requires having a sensitive, unbiased and innovative thinking and reasoning. For it deciphers strategies and notions about unravelling the fundamental questions of one’s self, emotions, and forces that shape the subjectivity and uniqueness of the individual. “It is about being sensitive to your environment, and our own reality… My friends would often ask me to counsel some acquaintance of theirs just because I am doing Psychology. It brings in a sense of responsibility” asserts Tanvee Seth, pursuing M.A. (Clinical Psychology) from Punjab University and alumnus of Kamla Nehru College, DU.

The Undergraduate course deals with realms as social psychology, clinical psychology (also known as abnormal psychology), organisational behaviour and research methodology. At the undergrad level, focus is laid largely on theoretical understanding than practical investigation. It imbibes on understanding the formulation of the apparatus and methodology before implementation.

However, revisions made under the Choice based credit system (CBCS) have added a strong practical component. Students are now imparted skills as conducting experiments, interviews administering tests, recording observations, case analysis, time management, stress management etc. Students reveal discussions on personalities, films, fiction, and real-life occurrences give the Psychology classroom an engaging character.


The subject is open to people from all academic streams. Although, basic understanding inculcated at school gives you an edge.

Psychology in DU: A Rare course with fewer colleges for Boys

Psychology is offered in a limited number of colleges. Only 12 out of 77 of the constituent colleges offer the subject. And the avenue is further narrowed for boys. Off those 12 colleges, only 2 co-ed colleges viz., Zakir Hussain Delhi College and Keshav Mahavidayalya offer the subject. The gender divide for academic pursuits has been the subject of heated contentions for sometime.
The cut-offs for top-notch colleges as Lady Shri Ram College, IP College for Women and Jesus Mary College range between 95-97%. While for the other colleges, including the co-ed ones range between 94-96%.

Psychology at Delhi University is rare and amongst the most sought after courses. Which makes the competition tougher!

Beyond academics

The discipline works on your psyche, inculcating a more informed understanding of the societal formation and behaviors. It further helps you develop a sense of empathy and awareness about your own self. “Not that you are transformed overnight, but definitely more receptive and vocal than before” reveals Tanya, a sophomore at IP College for Women.

Warning: Do not enrol if you are in any way inspired by SRK in Dear Zindagi! 


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