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Now that the varsity has declared the online forms fully functional after several setbacks, it is time to look at what options you have in different colleges in DU. Before even that, you should look at what chances you have for getting into DU with the percentages you have secured.

The different colleges in the varsity bring out their separate cutoff lists and the student has to calculate Best of 4 to know how which college they have bagged a seat in.

While with time, we will know the actual cutoffs for 2017, with DU releasing the first one on June 20th, have a look at last year’s cutoff list to know where you stand. Last year there were no shocking numbers such as 100%, but if definitely didn’t mean that getting into DU was a cakewalk. Remember, the competition is tough since for 56,000 seats, more than 2 lakh applications are expected.

Here’s summing up a few colleges’ cutoff scenario:

Lady Shri Ram College

Last year, LSR set the bar with the highest cut-off of 98.5% for Psychology Honours, which was 0.5% higher than 2015. For English (H), a student required 98.25% and for B.Com (H) 98%. For journalism aspirants, the cut-off was set at 97.5%, which was 1% less than 2015. For Mathematics (H) the bar was set as high as 97.50 and for Statistics (H) at 97.25 in the first cutoff.

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

The cut-off for Economics (H) was 98.25%, and B.Com (H) was 98%.

Indraprastha College for Women

The college set 97% as cut off for Computer Science (H), Economics (H), Psychology, and B.Com (H). Political Science was set at 96%. For Science disciplines it was 96% for Mathematics (H) and 97% for Computer Science (H)

Miranda House

Cut-off for B.Com (H) at CVS was 98% and for History (H) it was set at 94%, which was 2% more than 2015. It set 97.75% for Economics (H) and 97.5% for English (H). Miranda House had 96.675 for Chemistry (H) and Physics (H).

Hansraj College

It had a 97.75% cut-off for B.Com (H) and 98% for Economics. The cut-off for English was set at 97% and at 96.5% for History. For Physics and mathematics, the bar was set at 97%, and for Computer Science at 97.25%

Sri Venkateswara College

Venky, as it is popularly called, set its cut off for Economics (H) at 97.5%, while for English it was 96.75%. For History (H) and Political Science (H), it was at 96%, while for B.Com (H), the cut-off was at 96.75%.

For Statistics (H), Mathematics(H) and Physics (H), the cutoff was at 97%.

Hindu College

Hindu College saw as high as 97.75% for all of these: English (H), History (H), B.Com (H) and Eco (H), while it was 96.75% for Pol Sci (H) and 96% for Sociology. it led the cutoff with 98% for Physics (H) and Statistics (H), 97.5% for Mathematics (H) and 98% for Physics (H)

Kirori Mal College

With 98% for Eco (H), 96.5 for Eng (H), 97.5% for B.Com(H) Kirori Mal was one of the colleges with high cutoffs. For Science, it had 97% for Mathematics (H) and 97.50% for Statistics (H)

Gargi College

The first cutoff marks  were set as 96.5 for English (H) and 97.25 for B.Com (H). For science disciplines, it has 96.5% for Mathematics (H) and 96% for Physics (H) and 90% for Botany (H)

Other colleges: Commerce

For B.Com (Hons) even colleges like Acharya Narayan Dev and Aditi Mahavidyalaya had as high as 95% and 92% respectively, in the first cutoff, which eventually decreased. Janki Devi Memorial College too, had 96.75% as the cutoff. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, one of the best off-campus colleges for commerce had 97.5% and 96.5% for B.Com Honours and Programme respectively in the first list.

Other Colleges: Science

Daulat Ram College, located in the North Campus, had the first cutoff for Mathematics (H) at 96% and for Chemistry (H) at 96.66%

Things to Remember

  1. This is just the first cutoff. Subsequent cutoffs show downward trends almost always, until the seats are full. Many colleges, especially the ones located off-campus decrease the cutoff substantially by the third-fourth list. Keep this is mind while making an assessment about prospective colleges.
  2. Due to students changing colleges, withdrawing from a college in subsequent lists because they qualified for another college now, each successive list has a brighter chance for you to get one step closer to the college of your choice.
  3. It is  widely held belief that these cutoffs will give you a fair idea of your chances, as the variations year to year are not exponentially significant!
  4. This year there has been much anticipation about DU cut offs being on the lower side as a consequence of CBSE deciding against spiking of mark. However, considering the performance of students in recently declared results, it can be assumed that the cut offs may not get higher but can still be on similar lines as last year.
  5. These %ages are for the general category, for the reserved categories the numbers are lower.
  6. Always keep in mind any deductions that may happen in calculating your Best for 4. For guidelines on how to calculate your Best of 4, read this article.

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