7 Excuses Every College Student Makes to Not Exercise


Now that the winter has finally parked itself, peeling off that warm cosy blanket off of your body in the misty mornings seem to be the most unwelcoming task of the day, let alone going outdoors for a quick morning workout!

Here are 7 excuses that every college student makes for not working out. Don’t deny it; we know you have done it too!

1. Oh! I forgot to set my alarm…

..Or did you? (really? we all know there’s the snooze button. The one that you beat to death so you can sleep more.)

CCI01182016 copy
Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor


2. “I am too sore from my first day at the gym”

“I can feel muscles that I never knew I had yaar..” (or maybe your body is too cosy in the places you never knew existed. Like duh!)

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor

3. Procrastination

“Because they say never start a journey on a Saturday. Or is it Sunday? Meh. I’ll start from Monday.” (As if anything good ever happened on a monday; the devil of all days.)

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor


4. Too Busy

“I am a college student! There is only so much I can do in a day!” (Watch GoT and wolf down)

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor


5. Well, it’s the Holidays!

“Vacations are coming up; I expect to gain weight anyway. So what’s the point of working out?”

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor



6. “It’s just not for me! I get sick after working out”

Well, to you my friend; I have nothing to say.

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor


7. Workouts make me hungry! So doesn’t it defeat the purpose?

Fun Fact: No it doesn’t.

Illustrated by Tanushree Kapoor


Winters can be harsh to get yourself motivated. I identify with that completely. But it’s important to remind ourselves every now and again that excuses have never empowered anyone.

#Bro tip- So this is what gets me out of bed every day. I thought I’ll share (don’t even bother reading it if you are the sensitive kinds). The mighty voice that repeats itself in Jim Carrey’s indefatigable diction says “Suck it up and stick with it”. With that being said, don’t be too hard on yourself. Not every trick will motivate everyone. But it’s upon you to find out what does it for you!