The Glory of Experience

The walk of life with a choice by Anushka, Sunshine Blessings
The walk of life with a choice by Anushka, Sunshine Blessings

The most common feature of human life irrespective of the age and the standards of living is the chronicle of life. The chronicle that holds the deepest of our secrets and the most ecstatic moments. What we relate to and remember throughout are the incidents and the accidents. The wrongdoings of others and the right doings of self. And if perhaps there is no individual involved we claim it to Life or God, both of which are hypothetical terms. I am not an atheist when I say this.

God is a result of human labour”.  -Chomsky

Often what left neglected is the purpose of that particular failure or happiness. The law of nature is to strike a balance wherein any sort of imbalance will lead to devastation. Considering today’s scenario, we don’t need examples. Coming back to balance, we should be more satisfied when we are facing difficulties; the bonus there is an underestimated victory called “Experience”. For example : If I breakup with my partner or fail an exam, won’t I be the saddest person! I will be. What after that? I’ll start blaming that poor guy for the things that have happened years back, I’ll hate him with the same intensity with which I loved him. Wait! Isn’t that same incident that happened years ago affecting me in a far worse way than it did at the time it happened? Would the situation be any good for either of us ! It would have been if there was a term called “Mind Murders” , at least there would have been some outcome. The next is since I was the only person studying or writing my exams and there is no other individual involved the best would be to blame the circumstances. Right? We are incredibly protective of ourselves and thus we fail. The incident is somewhat saved in your unconscious and hence there is that victory that you attained for you will never a commit a similar mistake in your sensible state. A mistake which will make you sad later. The chances are you will repeat the same thing again. Equally weird is the fact that you will think about it again.


It’s human nature to keep rewinding things. As Robin Sharma puts it,

The average human brain spends 80% time thinking about past or future and only 20% is left for present.’

The idea behind writing this article is not to counsel anyone out there, the idea is to change the thinking mechanism. Stop wasting your time and underestimating this theory of experience. Life is not easy and it never says it is. So, stop blaming it!
Learn the art of life with the brushes on fearlessness and let your experiences be the colours. Perfection is a myth and you are bound to die thus nothing should stop you to lend yourself to the pyre of mistakes, learn till the ashes and immortalise your experiences.