Uncivilised Daughters


Uncivilised Daughters raises questions about women’s sexuality, their bodies and attempt to understand the internalised oppression and the cultural conditioning with which women are supposed to live. The idea of uncivilised daughters was conceived as a result of endless discussions and debates over topics which, usually, are very common for us. We went over things that are a part of our daily routine and how we have grown comfortable whatever it is that the society wants us to do. How we don’t give a thought about doing the opposite of it. How our morality stops us at every step and how we are tied by an invisible rope. The freedom we have is limited and given to us by the society. Our minds grew bigger and our will became stronger and that’s how the idea of this play came up. The making of this play triggered complete transformation of our mindsets and our entire selves. The issues we took up are a part of our daily routine. The things we do unknowingly are a part of a vicious circle. The tiniest of things, like telling another girl that her bra strap is visible, raises a question too. Why is a bra strap so difficult to handle? Why are we taught since childhood to be the ideal woman for a man? Why is a woman not a woman of her own, but a man’s wife? Our only aim was, and will be, to question the so called rules of the world we live in. What if we find beauty in the world of imperfection? What if saying no to something makes us feel strong. We are beings of our own kind and all we want is to find our own happiness. To feel safe alone and not just in the arms of a man.
From being castigated for wearing particular kinds of dresses to eating particular kinds of food, women are always made to feel uncomfortable and uneasy about their body and in turn their sexuality. Her body becomes the site of the family’s honour. To the extent that she is responsible for whatever happens to her body, it is considered her duty to protect it. She carries this burden from the moment she is born to her death. Her body thus becomes a double-edged sword, one that she can neither leave nor can she live in it. But she has to exist in the same body. Her rebellion gives rise to a conflict which in turn gives rise to Uncivilised Daughters.
The premiere of our play was at National Institute of Immunology, JNU specially for our friends, family and seniors. Since then we’ve come a long way. We bagged the second position in the annual cultural fest of BITS, Pilani. We were also selected to perform at Sri Ram Centre under Mahavidyalaya Natya Samaroh organised by Sahitya Kala Parishad.
We will be also be performing at the Indian Habitat Centre on 26th and 27th February under Old World Collegiate Theatre Festival. Tickets are available online on Bookmyshow.com


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