Places To Buy Second Hand Books


Are buying a bunch of new books this semester burning a hole in your pocket? Have you ever considered giving second hand books a shot?

First hand books are often extremely expensive and it becomes somewhat of a financial burden for many students. However, second hand books are a great alternative since apart from buying the same books at a much lower price, they are unique and personalized. Here are a few places in Delhi which are popular for selling second hand books.


1. Nai Sadak, Chandni Chowk

Nai Sarak is an old Delhi favourite. It has buildings running on both sides of the street selling all kinds of books. Even if you were to buy first hand books, you can find them here at heavily discounted rates. There are even numerous shops selling stationary items at a wholesale price. This market will never disappoint you and fulfill all your academic needs.

nai sadak

2. Kamla Nagar Market, Noth Campus

A Delhi University hotspot, Kamla Nagar market has several first hand and second hand book shops catering mainly to books in the DU curriculum. This also makes it one of the most convenient and popular hang zones of DU students.


3. Ber Sarai

Ber Sarai is a small neighbourhood located right between Jawaharlal Nehru University and IIT Delhi. It is popular among medical and Science students. You can sell your old academic books and get a pretty decent price in return too!


4. Daryaganj Market

Who says academic books are the only kind of books we should focus on? Daryaganj is a major commercial hub of Old Delhi and is most famous for the Sunday Book Market or the Kitaab Bazaar, which is held every Sunday on street pavements. Books of all genres are available here at meagre prices. They even sell books per kilogram! So the next time you can’t find a book on one of your fancy online websites, try searching for it in the lanes of Daryaganj.