Youth Forum on Foreign Policy with Richard Verma


The conference started with Mr Verma stating the current relationship between India and USA, he said the motive is to bring the two countries together so that world becomes a better place. More than three million Indians are living in Unites States and both the countries believe in ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship and also make sure it happens quickly and easily.

The question round started thereafter where the first question put up by a Political Science Undergraduate stating that with India buying Apache and Chinook helicopters, if there is any chance for demilitarisation? Mr Ambassador on that very specifically quoted that issue of nuclear security is on the top priorities and the concern is more for biological attacks than nuclear attack. However the purchases will increase nuclear power. Chinook helicopters are majorly used to move people from difficult areas and heights. It has nothing to do with terrorism. Further in the discussion he talked about Partnership between India and United States for violence and extremism wherein he highlighted the fragmentation of the threat in the non spade actors pose an asymmetric threat as they may try to kidnap people,use intelligence and military tools. The concern is to see new people coming into the pipeline. They feel disconnected to the society, are non-educated and exposed to violent thought and push that kind of discourse out and make sure child’s mind is not attacked for Global Coalition. One of the most crucial discussions was on the nuclear felicitation provided to Pakistan and their usage against India. According to Mr. Verma what remains neglected is the realisation that Pakistan alike us has a vast majority of moderate population and their demands are similar to us. They also face similar threats. The major concerns are about groups that are breaking and misusing our leverage as much as we can to break down Pakistan. On the issue of hike in the H-1B and L1 visas Mr Richard Verma explained about the fund setup for the victims of 9/11 and claimed this as a methodology to raise funds.
The conference was enriching in all means possible and Mr Verma with all humility made sure he did not leave the room without shaking hands with everyone present in the Hall. The characters of a perfect Gentleman. Indeed he was one!