10 Things Only a Ramjas Student Will Relate To


With Ramjas College entering its centennial year, here’s a list of things only a Ramjas student can relate to:

  1. The ‘Sutta’ Lane

Despite Delhi University being a no-smoking zone, Ramjas College’s very famous ‘Sutta lane’ is the only place where one can light up without having to think twice. The big shady trees and parallel railings to sit on make the place a great hangout spot, all the more because you’ll never find a lecturer here. Be it a smoker or a non-smoker, there is just no way a Ramjas student hasn’t been here with his or her friends to catch up before a class, to plan out a birthday party or to just chill.


  1. Three-floor Canteen

As the title suggests, Ramjas College’s canteen has three floors, out of which one is air-conditioned (talk about cool). With food that is delicious and pocket-friendly, it is definitely one of the best canteens in DU. The egg fried rice and french fries with green chutney are a huge hit among Ramjas-ites and you would often find the place crowded with students digging into their favourite item of the menu. Shhh! The waiters even serve you outside the college!


  1. The Chamber of Secrets

Well, Ramjas College might not be a ‘Hogwarts’, but the students don’t think of it any less. The college auditorium, which has been locked up for a couple of years now, holds more mysteries than any Harry Potter novel. The students have even started comparing it to the ‘Chamber of Secrets’ waiting for its “chosen one”.


  1. ‘Rainforest’

Ramjas College flaunts a spacious campus with its red building surrounded by huge green trees.  Adding to its beauty is the pacifying flora and foliage in the college which has earned it the title ‘Rainforest’. The soothing and peaceful atmosphere is enough for a person to fall in love with the college in the first sight.


  1.  Ever-friendly Staff

Life at Ramjas provides you liberty in true sense. Both the teaching and the non-teaching staff are very helpful if you are polite and respectful towards them. The college has a history of super-cool English professors who make learning a more fun process. If you maintain a good reputation with the staff, they will surely go out of their way to help you.


  1. Diversity at its best

One distinctive yet amazing feature about Ramjas is the fact that it unites people from all walks of life. You’ll find students and staff coming from a variety of fields, culture and background, making the atmosphere dynamic and bold. The college might be a hundred years old, but its spirit is still afresh.


  1. Incredible History

Beginning from the humble surroundings of Darya Ganj in Old Delhi, Ramjas College has now come a long way. Founded in 1917 by great educationist Rai Kedar Nath, it is one of the oldest colleges in Delhi. In 1924, the college was moved to a new campus and was inaugurated by none other than Mahatma Gandhi. During the Quit India Movement, a group of Ramjas students even went ahead and joined the struggle, which landed them in jail! Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, inaugurated the college when it was reallocated to its current location in 1950.


  1. Never-ending strikes

Even though the college provides a free space where you can question anything and everything and you will be given answers, the students sure know that this does not include the administrative office. But can you really blame them for being busy with ‘dharnas’? Lack of security and failure of the authorities to recognize their efforts often lead to a full-day strike in the college premises. This doesn’t come as a surprise to Ramjas students as strikes have become a part of their daily lives.


  1. Post – election celebrations 

Elections in Delhi University are no less than a festival. With rigorous campaigns, striking manifestos and alluring promises, election season at DU is as crazy as it gets. But the madness doesn’t end there. Election results call for an even bigger celebration and there’s no way one can beat Ramjas students at partying. Jubilant supporters of the winning candidate dancing to the tunes of drums and drowning the college with their chants of victory, is definitely worth watching!


  1. Prominent Societies

Societies are the backbone of every college and the kind of exposure they provide students is varied. Ramjas College has a dynamic range of societies that have always encouraged arts, and are one of the best societies in DU. Their practice sessions are rigorous and often last the entire day. The focus and hard-work that these societies put in evidently prove why Ramjas is always in the limelight.



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