3 students of MAIT, GGSIPU raise 100,000 $ for their startup


If you’re a college student with high entrepreneurial aspirations but don’t have the deep pockets to fund your project, don’t lose hope. Vipul Garg, Rishabh Saxena and Akshay Mahajan, three students of  Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, GGSIPU decided to build a one of a kind web solution called LetReach with nothing more than a bag full of dreams.

LetReach is a unique web push notifications solution that is used by e-commerce, deals, affiliate & publishing websites to retain & re-engage its web traffic. Thus, LetReach helps websites send push notifications to its users on all of their devices without requiring from them to have any app or extension installed or even, have any website open anytime.

Vipul Garg, one of the co-founders told the University Express how the problems he encountered as an avid blogger made him come up with the idea of LetReach.

“I could see that there is a gap that needs to be plugged for internet marketers. A blogger would do SEO for the all the posts well and would also get a good number of hits on every new update we’d have but eventually we’d lose on the audience as there was no right way or channel to keep them engaged.”

He then came up with the idea of LetReach to be able to retain & re-engage the users/audiences in the month of June, 2015.

However, the one remarkable achievement that separates LetReach from all other young start ups is how they managed to raise a whopping 100,000$ in under a year of their inception through Delhiangels.

“We were planning to keep the startup bootstrapped but as luck would have it, the founder of Delhi Startups, Shivam Ahuja fixed our meeting with India’s largest affiliate network, vCommission founders – Parul & Tarang Bhargava. They instantly loved our venture and the rest is history.”


Startup Journey of a college entrepreneur- Must Watch“Age is neither a guarantee of efficiency nor innovation.”
A video about the journey of three 21-year-olds who built a company called LetReach straight outta college & got USD 100,000 in funding

#Mustwatch Motivational

Posted by Delhi Startups on Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Vipul feels that if you have a dream, there’s always a way to make it happen.

“When we started up, we would often crib that we don’t have a mentor with us to teach us the right way to do things but as we progressed ahead, we realized that there is not right way to do things.”

So if you have an idea, the only thing you need is faith to back it up and just go for it. There’s no day to start better than today.


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