An Engineering Student at BITS Pilani and a Singer at Heart: A Conversation with Kushal Jasoria


After listening to Kushal Jasoria’s euphonious rendition of the new earworm, Shape of you, we decided to gather some bits of the story he has left behind. From things that sparked his interest in music to inquiring whether he will embark upon the road not taken and perhaps purge his musical talents as a professional outlet against the choice of becoming an engineer, this interview is all encompassing. Have a look!


  • How did you take up singing?
    I’ve always been surrounded by musicians. I’m from Kolkata where music is inculcated in your culture. My parents’ fondness for music was the impetus for my inspiration towards singing. It started for me with random experiments with different songs, but slowly things started to take shape as my passion towards singing grew.


  • Is it just a hobby for you or something you are looking at as a professional outlet?
    Pursuing music professionally would be a dream come true, no questions asked, but that’s far fetched at this moment and hence not my main motivation. It’s something that I enjoy as it serves as a medium to connect with so many people, as well as for creative self-expression. Without music, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to connect with so many people and share a bond with them. Also taking cognizance of the ancient dictums to be followed for a fulfilled life which state that a person should practice at least one form of art, I have chosen music!


  • Given the choice of pursuing a career in engineering or a career as a musician what would you choose?
    I’d choose that career option which would have a greater positive impact on society. And that depends on what opportunity I get and what people need at that moment. There was a line said in 3 Idiots – “Kaamiyaab banne ke liye nahin, Kaabil banne ke liye padho”. As a student, that’s what I’m working at, with the motto that knowledge is never wasted. All I know is that I don’t want regrets later on for not giving my best at whatever I could!

I think career is a journey, not a destination. Life is happening to us right now. It’s not something that will happen to us 20 years later! It’s important to try and give our best at everything we wish to do.


  • What would be your ideal type of music- genre/artist/Hollywood or Bollywood?
    I prefer soft and ambient music, and the combination of acoustic guitars with witty electronic effects and harmonies, smart selection of chords, melody and meaningful lyrics. If the artist has a great voice then it’s a plus! John Mayer, Owl City, Norah Jones, Alt J and some soft Dream Theater songs are all somewhere around this line, Porcupine Tree is just almost there. I also like Arijit Singh because of the quality of his voice.


  • What are your upcoming plans for your YouTube channel?

To share as much as possible and to connect with more people. Maybe I’ll also upload some Video Logs instead of just music, so that I can connect with more people. Maybe I can also do some tutorial videos since I receive a lot of questions from people in the comments section and also on my Facebook page. So, plans are aplenty but I have yet to finalize them in a more concrete manner. I currently don’t have the best equipment. I was very shy in spending. Hopefully soon I’ll buy some better stuff and make better videos. Thanks for all the support! Keeps me motivated to always keep improving. You can expect to find some more kinds of videos, and some more interesting stuff along with videos about my life and it’s happenings in the future after I’m able to buy better equipment. Soon I’ll start treating the YouTube channel like a proper YouTube channel.


If you haven’t already, take a look at Kushal’s version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”!


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