Birthday Blues : Moments from Birthday of the ‘Othered’


Getting drunk all night while loud EDM plays in a posh club of GK, strange faces all around us and that is the perfect picture we are all acquainted to- the birthdays that reside in our comfort zone. However, I had the chance to go to an alternative birthday party, very recently. This series of captured moments are from a very warm an intimate birthday party where faces were known and a fuller plate was a matter of concern- where laughter and poignancy resided together.


  1. Ungraceful, hard stairs lead up to a single blue room. Women in bright sarees prepare delicacies in a kitchen. Food is timely served.
    The cake is only cut when every single beloved person is present in the room…





18ee5e5f-35b9-41db-8f28-5955a6fa66472. “What does blue represent for you?”
“Peace”, I say.



b1053203-d675-463d-802d-431c0b475cf43. Everyone has brought gifts for the birthday girl. They range from golden sandals to books. Their laughter resounds and the neighbours know about a party happening next door.






495f5d55-d5d0-4861-b187-378359dcdca34. Mother gives the first bite of the cake to the daughter, then to her husband and a little is obviously saved for facial purposes. It is her day; it is their day.






27d52aef-fad5-49d3-aaa2-e6c628f8fd495. The domesticity is prominent. There is a nostalgia, a reminiscence about certain identities which are now lost. A grandeur now severed from the very neck.





It isn’t the other; It is this present. It isn’t us and them; it is our togetherness. The parallel aspect shall reside but one day it shall intersect again…


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