BITS Pilani Student Donates 20% of his First Salary to an Old Age Home


“Education is what others tell you, learning is what you do yourself.”

This is the mantra of Naman Munot, a fifth year student of BITS Pilani who donated 20% of his first salary to an Old Age Home to inspire students to give some part of their salary to a cause. University Express contacted him to know more about his story and what inspired him to donate in an old age home, specifically.


Naman did civil engineering from BITS Pilani and is currently working on his thesis in Physics from IIT-Delhi. Surprisingly enough, he received his first salary as a creative director of a hospitality group, Imperfecto, where he works part time. A five pointer in the college, he is a proof that college grades do not define you and success only requires your interest in what you’re doing. “Money shouldn’t be the motivation towards work, the motivation must be the excitement of doing the work,” he says.

Throughout his college life, he tried his hands on a lot of activities including the field of travel, Video Advertisement Making. He was also associated with the NSS of his college as a dance teacher for kids who could not afford a dance school, or any public school.  

Take a look at the video below to see how well his dance students are doing!

Despite being a civil engineer, Naman has an interest and good knowledge of psychology and law. He also loves to explore creative fields. Consequently, he joined Imperfecto as a creative director.

Naman told University Express that he had been visiting old age homes and studying the behavior of those aged people to know their stories. He says he enjoys their company and listening to their stories. This is why he had donated the money, and for his future endeavors, he plans to provide employment in the fields of knitting and gardening herbs so that even at an old age, they feel worthy and are able to earn.

Source : University Express

He is planning to come up with a start-up, “Parenkare” which would provide and also create a human work force of verified attendants and doctors to help people take care of their aged parents at home.

On being asked about the incentive for his start-up, he replied, “Having volunteered at old age homes and working in hospitality for quite a while now, I know for a fact that present services in India are not a solution for the problem at hand, which is reflected by inefficient services and unsatisfied customers. With proper execution, using technology and creating awareness, it can be turned into a win-win situation for all.”

University Express wishes him luck in his endeavor to improve the conditions of old age homes, creating employment for aged parents and making medical support available at ease.


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