BITSIAN Youth Step Up for the Environment


Recently, a study by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) revealed that Bengaluru will be an unliveable dead city in 5 years. It presents an alarming picture of what we’re doing to the environment.

The study shows 52% growth in built-up area in the last four decades, 78% decline in vegetation 79% decline in water bodies. These are not just figures, but the lakes and trees that surrounded you have quietly disappeared as a result of the urban sprawl.

What’s the point earning better when the food that you eat is adulterated? Prof T.V. Ramachandra of the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the IISc calls this ‘senseless growth’. As a result of unplanned urbanisation, Bengaluru is going to be an unliveable and dead city in the next five years, he said.

After reading this news article, two students of BITS, Pilani – Nikhil Jhingade and Kushal Jasoria were driven to take a step forward and send out an appeal to save Bengaluru.

These students have made an astonishingly surreal and melodious instrumental video showing the beauty of nature with the message for conservation of Bengaluru.

“I saw in the news yesterday that Bangalore can become unliveable in five years, because of its bad environmental condition. I was doing a course in Conservation Biology this semester. So to take an initiative, I made this video with a friend of mine from Bangalore, Nikhil Jhingade to tell about how beautiful nature is and that we should support it. The piano background is an original by Nikhil Jhingade he calls Wisps of Winter,” says Kushal.
Nikhil Jhingade speaking about ESG in the video
Nikhil Jhingade talking about ESG in the video.

“Help save Bangalore! Spread the message! #savebangalore We used to have the best weather there. And now the environment there is in danger. Let’s set an example of sustainability for the world.” says Nikhil.
They wanted to make a change by supporting an NGO there, which would work towards this cause, and they found Environment Support Group (ESG Bangalore) which is a UN award winning organization.


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Read the full article which contains all details of the study here


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