Delhi Pride’17: Why my First Pride Parade shall always remain special


I think I would finally be able to answer all the people who ask me about the most euphoric moment of my life and not rummage my memories anymore. Delhi’s 10th annual Pride Parade would remain one of the most important moments of my life, that I am sure of. Maybe it was the moment I saw a father walking with his son dressed in a beautiful white dress, a bright red lipstick and a bold identity, that I became slightly teary eyed; or maybe it was when I saw my professors from college there, walking beside us in solidarity, waving the rainbow colored flag.
By the virtue of being someone who has access to social media and hence can connect to the queer community online, I had always known that this community holds their values and aspirations strongly and boldly, out to the world. This parade was a live representation of that feeling of oneness. Every flag and every bunch of balloons that adorned the smoggy air of Delhi was a protest and a celebration. It screamed out to the world that we stand strong and we are not backing down anytime soon.
It was a bittersweet day as we danced to the lively ‘dhol’ beats for almost two hours, appropriating the conventional “Indian” celebration idea into the queer pride walk and spoke about the rights that are still not granted to this community- rights that are really not too much to ask for. We sang, hugged and spread love because this is the only procedure that appeals to us as a form of protest. The loud costumes aren’t really costumes but something that is a vital part of our very personality; it is us. The slogans we chant aren’t really things we make up to be a part of a parade; it is our hearts we speak. We did not even get to enter the venue so a stage was set up at a crossroad but one fine day we will take what is ours, if our love is not enough. While the evening descended and people performed, I saw a bunch of rainbow colored balloons drifting away into the sky and I followed it with my eyes as far as it went and after a while it was so high up, that I had lost it. Those seven-colored balloons weren’t for anyone to hold at all…


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