In conversation with Nupur Khandelwal, IPCC AIR 14


We at UE got the opportunity to get interview Nupur Khandelwal, a 2nd year SRCC student, who scored an All India Rank of 14 in the IPCC exam. Read ahead to see what she has to say about this achievement:

First of all we would like to congratulate you on this wonderful achievement. Tell us how you feel.

Thank you so much. Words are not enough to express my happiness. Honestly, Getting a rank in IPCC was never on my mind, I just wanted to pass the exam. So yes, I am indeed on cloud 9. This was highly unexpected.


Tell us about yourself.

Well, I have been brought up in Delhi and I’m presently pursuing Hons. from Shri Ram College Of Commerce. I like to travel and discover new places. My hobbies are listening music and also, I’m a big foodie but at the same time, I’ve always been career oriented. I’m not a bookworm but I’m sincere when it comes to studies. I spend a lot of time with friends discovering new places but I also make sure I’m not distracted when I’m studying and I guess that’s important.


How did you become inclined towards choosing CA as a career option? Do you have a family background as such?

There is this crazy story behind this. I had PCB in Class XI for some reason. Bio was never my cup of tea but I was able to score well. One fine day, I realized that I don’t see myself making a career in the medical field. So, I switched to commerce in Class XII and one thing let to another. It was in Class XII that I realized my love for accounts and how much I enjoyed doing it. So, yes, that is how I decided to do CA. Also, my dad is a Chartered Accountant.


Being a regular college student at the coveted SRCC, how hard was it to manage college and IPCC studies?

It was a tough job. But I was able to manage my time by studying while commuting as it took 3-4 hrs daily to and fro. I had college in the morning and than I had to travel to the IPCC classes which were excessively long. This schedule was very tiring and I had to invest my time in this kind of a schedule for 5-6 months.


How do you plan on continuing with college now? Considering, there will be internships.

Being a second year student, I will continue with my college till the completion of my undergraduate program. After that, I plan to start with my articleship.


Tell us your preparation strategy.

Well the key to my preparation strategy was to maintain the balance between my studies and leisure time. I made a schedule that allowed me to take necessary breaks. Eight hours of effective studying was what I followed for 3 months. I used to study 2 subjects a day and to maintain the balance and kill the boredom, one subject was theoretical and the other was practical. Also, I gave 3 revisions per subject.


Do you have any particular tips that you followed or that helped you in scoring such a wonderful rank?

There are 3 things in particular that helped me a lot

  • Stay Focused and Never Lose Hope
  • Take proper sleep and eat healthy.
  • Keep yourselves away from all sorts of distractions when you are studying.

What suggestions or message would you like to give to the future IPCC takers?

There is just one thing I want to say, that is, if you desire to achieve something in your life then you’ve got to work really hard for it. So yes give your 100% in whatever you do. There is no success without hard work.


We congratulate Nupur Khandelwal for this praiseworthy achievement and hope that she achieves even greater heights.


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