‘Parts Unknown’ of Anthony Bourdain’s Life


It wasn’t just his marvellous cooking that left an indelible taste in people’s mouth, but also his never-giving-up spirit that aroused imperishable love in everybody’s hearts.

Anthony Michael Bourdain was a chef, a producer and a TV personality. His famous show ‘Parts Unkown’ recently returned for its seventh season. The setter of the ‘foodie’ culture of the 21st century didn’t have a conventional story to his stardom. From being a rebellious 20-year-old druggist, he achieved his celebrity status in the 40s and had a child in his 50s.

Bourdain’s mother was a copy editor in New York Times, and his father was a music executive. He developed a taste for music, movies and food in his early childhood. His first job was as a dishwasher in his teens. He has mentioned in interviews how the job gave him a sense of being a human and played a crucial role in shaping him.

He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1978, after a two-year drop. It was during his 20s that he got exposed to heroin and then on, struggled with the problem of drug addiction his entire young life. But what’s surprising is how wonderfully Anthony accepted his past and struggled to overcome it. His personal fight is documented in his book, “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”, released in 2000, which became the launchpad to his global stardom. He was the first person to write about what goes behind a restaurant’s kitchen. This book was then converted into a sitcom ‘A Cook’s Tour’. From there, there was no looking back. Before this, he had been switching job as a chef at various restaurants.

As for his personal life, he married Nancy Putkoski, his high school love in 1985, but they got split in 2005. He then had a daughter with his second wife, Busia. His daughter was the apple-of-his-eye.

Bourdain’s success is not spoon-fed but earned with hard work. His suicide brought immense grief to his fans.


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