Hindu College students promote the cultural history of Assam

Hindu College Project Buranji

Project Buranji is a social initiative launched by students of Hindu College to bring the rich and vibrant cultural history of Assam to the forefront. The Assamese word “Buranji” refers to a class of historical chronicles which were written initially in the Ahom reign and afterwards in Assamese language.

Project Buranji as a concept came into being in 2014. It is led by Hrishiraj Das and the core members include Manaskam Kakati, Pratyush Paras Sharma, and Arunav Chetia. They travel to different parts of Assam in order to document, analyse, and present the ethnic and cultural heritage of the state to the Indian masses. With Devneel Basudev Goswami as the content writer, the first phase of Project Buranji was brought to life on the 28th of March, 2017 at Hindu College, University of Delhi. It took the form of a photo exhibition while the North East Festival of the college was also going on.

A number of dignitaries attended the event including Mr. Conrad Sangma who is a Member of Parliament and Mr. Naveen Verma who is a Secretary at the Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region. The event was inaugurated by IPS officer Mrs. Sanjukta Parashar who is currently serving as the head of the National Investigation Agency.

Hindu College photo

Hindu College Assam

The Buranji Project in its first phase was an exhibition of 72 photographs of places which are of historical and tourist importance in Assam. The team has physically visited the places that have been documented until now. The second phase of Project Buranji is currently in planning stage; it is designed to comprise of a number of documentaries, photographs, and researched content.

Project Buranji is a non-profit campaign that is being undertaken by a group of college students who are yet to perfect the nuances of the art and craft of documentation and film-making, but remain steadfast in their approach.


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