Reach: DU Startup with an App that even Mark Cuban found Crazy!

Reach App

Which college graduates would sacrifice job offers with 14-15 lakh packages for doing something interesting, something that they liked just so because they could develop a discovery platform, and work on an idea which would become one of the most innovative product to appear in the Indian tech market? One day, the very same college students saw someone in the metro peeping into someone else’s phone to see what application that person was working on. And so they thought, ‘Let’s do something to meet this very obstacle in sharing media, because pre-determined jobs with pre-determined salaries would not give us that satisfaction.’

Reach App
Reach: A Discovery Platform

This is not a fictional story, nor a script for a movie. This is the true story of the birth of the Reach app. Everything started in the beautiful green lawns of NSIT, the place where all the founders graduated from. Sitting in the Admin area, they used to make codes for Reach.
The idea of a discovery and a sharing platform came to his brother Abhay when Akshay asked him to share his playlist over Bluetooth: what if they could share music without asking each other to turn on their Bluetooth, and pester each other to share their media. After much weighing of the pros and the cons, the two brothers pitched in the other two co-founders, Ayush Verma and Ashish Kumar. They were the pillars who came up with the peer-to-peer technology which makes Reach different from other sharing apps, and has landed it in the category of the fastest growing discovery platform. Ayush proposed the idea for the P2P concept, and built the entire P2P engine by himself. It was Ayush who had introduced Ashish to the company, and the latter turned out to be the godsend as a mastermind in android development.
Post the launch of the beta version of Reach, Akshay chanced upon having a night’s talk with the American billionaire Mark Cuban, to whom he had pitched in the technology and idea for Reach on a chat app.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Mr. Cuban liked the brainwork behind the app so much that he reverted, praising the effort and validating the idea for Reach app. He even asked to share a screenshot of the same at 1.30 in the night! The night-long talk with Mark Cuban strengthened the faith of the founders in Reach, and a few months after the talk, version 1.0 of the app was launched. Do you want to know how Akshay pitched in Mr. Cuban? Connect to the founders by downloading the Reach app from the Google playstore; visit here.



Mark Cuban
The pitch from Mark Cuban

So were the four pillars engrossed into developing the peer-to-peer architecture for their dream app that the confines of a small room did not bother them at all. They used to eat, sleep and work in the same room, and from that room emerged the technology which was to change the fate of media sharing. In a quite interesting incident, they had to work for a whole night from their car, as they had no access to electricity for their room. They sat in the car, awake all night, and executed their work from that four-wheeler.

From executing their work from a car to launching version 1.0 of the Reach app and Google supporting the technology, the total downloads of the Reach app amount to 50k, with more than 2 million file events and more than 16 million files on the app.

Reach app

As in the current version of the app, users can discover the music their friends are listening to, download the free games they play and other applications they keep on their phone. Eventually, Reach has plans to reach out to more users and introduce links as another file type. Just save your links collection to Reach and your friends can directly keep themselves updated with what are you reading on web or what kind of video you are browsing on YouTube. One should definitely give Reach a try and get your close network along!

Interested to work with Reach? Drop an email to Akshay directly at


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