The Selfless Saviour, Maria Zuberi

Maria Zuberi, Mumbai, plane crash,

Maria Zuberi, an Indian pilot who lost her life in a chartered plane crash, saved the lives of many people, through eternal aspects to giving, spontaneity, the presence of mind, and unprecedented courage by preventing the plane from crashing on residential buildings.

It’s a beyond heartbreaking feeling which cannot be fathomed by any set of words, at the news of a plane having crashed on the 28th of June, into a construction site, in Mumbai.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the plane was a turbo-prop King Air C-90 and had been on a test flight from the nearby Juhu airstrip. The aircraft was owned by UY Aviation Pv. Ltd, which is owned by a popular Gutka brand holder.

She was the co-pilot of the aircraft and had her roots in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad. She is said to have been over the moon with her 15-year-old daughter named Bella who won a gold medal in a quiz competition recently.

Maria Zuberi’s husband, Prabhat Kathuria said that despite the bad weather conditions, the aircraft was sent for testing. He spoke to Captain Pradeep Rajput and Maria the night before the accident about both being certain of the test flight not taking place on Thursday, Prabhat added. “The incident could have been averted. Maria had told me that the flight won’t be flown due to bad weather. The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident.”

At least five people have been reported dead.  Pilot Pradeep Singh Rajput, co-pilot Maria Zuberi, technician Surabhi (reportedly, who was 2 months pregnant), and Manish Pandey have been identified as the deceased.

Also, in accordance with an eyewitness, a passerby got burnt when some burning fuel from the aircraft fell on him.

The plane was made to plunge into a construction site instead, the labourers of which, fortunately, were eating their lunch elsewhere.

These altruistically painted crafts of souls, make the beautiful most depths of humanity untouched and uncorrupted.


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