The Story of ‘Kakcho’: Fashion Freaks-turned Entrepreneurs



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Having a personal, in-house stylist is a dream we’d all wish to see come true. The realization of wanting to bring that concept to life could be called the defining moment after which Ridhima Chopra and Aakash Kakkar decided to build their start-up app– ‘Kakcho’.
Though still in their undergrad years, Ridhima and Akash, the founders, were very keen on the idea of building an app which would help resolve the “what to choose from my wardrobe” crisis, one we all face on an almost daily basis.

Kakcho is a platform where you can get instant and personalized fashion advice about the clothes that you own.  The basic human instinct of wanting to look good and presentable was what stirred Ridhima and Aakash to come up with something that would not only cater to others’ fashion needs but also help to furtherance their interest in the world of fashion.

We have this habit to wear the clothes that are on top most of our shelves hence we end up wearing the same old repetitive clothes, our stylists at Kakcho will help users reinvent their wardrobe and solve their fashion dilemmas that too in a span of 10 minutes.”

It was when Ridhima was in her second semester that her interest catapulted to an all-time high when her HOD would take long sessions on entrepreneurship, and the art, and skill of setting up start-ups et al. She decided to run this idea by her friend, Aakash, who then instantly got on board. That’s when Ridhima and Aakash, collectively decided to start- Kakcho.

College is the place where I learned the meaning of entrepreneurship.”

Juggling college and a fashion business simultaneously cannot be an easy job. But Ridhima and Aakash gives full credits to their college- FDDI, Noida for being extremely supportive of them in this challenging endeavor.

Almost a year after its inception, Kakcho has come a long way. The duo, Ridhima and Aakash, however, have set really high goals. They believe Kakcho has full and complete potential to become the next biggest fashion app of the country.

The current App is just a trailer, a Prototype. We are going to revamp the UI/UX of the App completely and bring new exciting features in the coming days.”

The duo is very grateful to the fraternity for being very welcoming to newcomers like them. They hold high the belief that the only criterion of judgment in the industry is one’s perseverance.

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