In Conversation with Nishant Mittal, Co- Founder- The Testament


The recent startup boom in India has seen the creation and flourishing of many new startups. So much so that India is now the country with the third largest number of startups crossing over 4,200. This is definitely good news for each one of us, but if you think from the perspective of producers of these products/services it will likely be quite the opposite. With a new company getting registered every few minutes, one of the biggest challenge for these new businesses is to carve out a separate niche for themselves in the market.

While each startup story is unique in its own way, there are some which are exceptional and leave an impression . The story of the The Testament is one such story. The most remarkable about their journey is that The Testament never raised any capital or funds! They started as a university journal aimed at branding IP University and got funding from the university itself. (Un)fortunately, the college management stepped down after sometime leaving the founders red-faced. But that didn’t stop them from covering bigger milestones. The business, which grew from “coffee shops to offices” today boasts of more than 500 employees in 20 cities and has expanded themselves to offering technology innovations and training and development services.

In conversation with Nishant Mittal, Co Founder and Business Development Head of The Testament…

In your initial days, What was the blow that hit so hard that thinking about it still leaves a bitter taste?

There have been moments which have left us in serious predicaments; like college management backing out of funds after the grand launch, an equal partner exiting at a crucial moment, etc. But in retrospect, nothing really seems like “a hard blow which has left bitter”. There are things which can go wrong right now. However, there are two things which we do to avoid those – plan and pray.
Why the name “The Testament” ?
Apart from its biblical context “The Testament” means a statement of a belief, or an expression of conviction. And that’s exactly what this company wants to be. Plus, it has a nice sound.
What would be your advice to the struggling startups of today?
Every company struggles each day. Some struggle to reach the top, while some struggle to stay there.  There are just two points to be noted:
  1. Never. Stop.
  2. Read a lot.
What do you do when you hit the rock bottom? What made you persevere?
When you have a nice team, you just laugh. Self preservation is an instinct we all possess, so after laughing, we work. It’s pretty natural.
Is it really difficult to let your ideas leave a mark when you’re from tier two college?
Nothing can stop you if you don’t want to stop. However, I feel it’s a solid factor.
If we were from IITs/IIMs, the decision makers of most of our prospective clients would have been in our alumni network.
Today, we cold-call all of them and create relationships from scratch. Also, there’s a general notion which relates a person’s capabilities to his alma mater. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, but if you lie on the wrong side of the curve, it’s like sailing against the wind.
What does the future hold for The Testament?

To turn TT into the biggest and most profitable employer of India.


After coming across a narrative like the one above, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that grey matter triumphs alma mater. It was indeed a motivation for many entrepreneurs within us. We wish The Testament all the very best for their future.


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