Work in the field of marketing with great minds! #TogetherWeCan

together we can

About the company

Desired Wings is a tech enabled platform supporting aspirations, dreams and desires, creating an ecosystem that is willing to nominate and create crowdfunding projects. A crowdfunding platform where people would come forward to donate money to their favourite project in order to fulfil desires of an aspiring Indian in exchange for a unique reward, thereby getting a lot of people to contribute a small amount of money to make a living, a dream come true.

About the Campaign

TogetherWeCan is the World’s Biggest Campaign for Cancer Awareness & Early Detection launched by YouWeCan (Yuvraj Singh Foundation) at The campaign would be supported by prominent media houses and Celebrities.

Why TogetherWeCan?

Cancer kills over 12 Million people every year. We are not looking to cure cancer; we are telling you how to fight it. 90% of cancers are curable, if detected in stage one.  In this context, we are launching Worlds Biggest Campaign for Cancer Awareness & Detection where in we will ensure that people who can afford detection take pledges to get detections done and we do detections for those cannot afford it. We are raising funds for the detections through a crowdfunding campaign at  soon to be launched portal (backed by One Digital Entertainment). The detections to be done by us will be across the country and we would collaborate with other prominent organisations for the same.

About the Work


Job Description:

  1. Create awareness about #TogetherWeCan in your campus
  2. Manage #TogetherWeCan campaigns in your campus
  3. Strategize and initiate new campus marketing plans for #TogetherWeCan
  4. Boost the online promotional campaigns for #TogetherWeCan
  5. Create engagement programs across your community
  6. Initiate social media campaigns and build a buzz around your social network

Commitment: 2 to 3 hours per day (work from campus/ home)


  1. Opportunity to learn to develop a social campaign of huge scale
  2. Your chance to standup and make a difference
  3. Get a chance to work with for YouWeCan (a Yuvraj Singh foundation) and be a part of a project backed by stars
  4. Certificate of appreciation from University Express and Desired Wings
  5. Good performers will get a letter of recommendation from YouWeCan (a Yuvraj Singh venture)
  6. Top 3 performers will get a chance to spend time with Yuvraj Singh!

Apply here:

  • Last date to apply: 24th April 2016
  • Telephonic interview will be conducted for the shortlisted candidates