Internship Opportunity at TruFace


About TruFace

TruFace is distinctly recognisable for its one true identifying function: bringing the anonymous factor to the social network. “TruFace” allows users to maintain two profiles in parallel. The first, a completely incognito alias jocularly captioned “ShadowMode”. The profiles (and pages) constitutes a fully functioning social network, the distinguishing feature being the ability to say whatever you want and still have people care.

Why work at TruFace?

  • Professional growth: We prefer building upon your current skill sets. gain experience in various functional areas and gain responsibility. As we grow, you will grow.
  • Passion: TruFace was conceptualised through pure passion, where you will learn true entrepreneurial qualities.
  • Task variety: Being a newly launched startup, you’ll be forced to adopt new skills, take on more projects and will never be bound to a dull, boring routine.
  • Personal growth: You will learn how to deal with high levels of responsibilities, improved decision making abilities, and more importantly get a highly diversified professional network.
  • Be a part of it all: And last but by no means last, you should join TruFace because it’s one unique experience to help build something and be a part of its growth from the very beginning. This means living the high highs, low lows, and everything in between.

Current Openings


  • Manage and create TruFace’s social media presence through Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.
  • Identify and develop user acquisition strategies to increase content creation on TruFace’s confession pages.
  • Design and develop marketing strategies online & offline, identifying and executing strategies to increase customer awareness.


Recruiting various student partners (college ambassadors) forming user acquisition teams on college grounds, while coordinating with marketing and design teams, creating content and buzz.

Design and content:

Create and design specific content strategies across all forms of communication and creating graphic and video content to be shared through marketing and operations teams.

How to apply?

Send CVs/ queries to both e-mail IDs:


To know more about us, like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. You can read the story of TruFace here: The Story of TruFace.