Cartisan: India’s No. 1 Mobile app into Doorstep Car Services


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It seems we have finally entered the true age of inventions and innovations wherein some good soul in some xyz corner of the world develops and comes up with something that gives us just another reason to not step out of our comfort zone and get things done on the go.

From fashion to groceries to medical consultancy to movie tickets, we have got it all sorted but we still lack the knack and knowledge of what to do when our companion breaks down and we just do not know what to do? Well Companion? Yeah! Referring that four wheeler standing outside your house that we often tend to ignore just because the mechanic at the service station speaks a language we don’t understand and often makes fool of us. Not anymore.

Cartisan, India’s No 1 mobile app into Doorstep Car Services is now in Delhi/NCR and we are focused on offering an experience that is a class above the rest by becoming an answer to all those questions like

  • Don’t know what’s wrong with your car? 
  • Can’t find trusted service workshops? 
  • Not sure you’re being charged the right amount?
  • Don’t have time to take care of your car?
  • Not sure whether parts used by your mechanic are genuine or not?
  • Not sure what’s happening with your car at the service workshop?

Cartisan addresses common car servicing issues with transparency and convenience! It is a convenient and interactive platform for car owners catering to all vehicle related service requirements like 

  • Car wash and Detailing, 
  • Regular Maintenance, 
  • Running Repairs 
  • Accidental Repairs 
  • Express Maintenance
  • Paint Protection and restoration
  • Breakdown

We understand that car ownership at times becomes painful so Cartisan does right diagnosis of your vehicle problems, helps you to find trusted workshops, provides multiple quotes of different service providers, saves your time, money and effort, provides assurance of genuine spare parts, gives you real time updates of vehicle service via rich media messaging and also various mobile payment options. This is all possible because of Dedicated Cartisan Concierge offered to each customer vehicle.

With Cartisan, every car owner gets an opportunity to experience first of its kind mobile connected experience in car care. We aim at taking customer experience a notch above by offering memorable and hassle free car service.

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