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Khalsa College
Photo by Saptaparno

You are not to be blamed for visualising SGTB Khalsa any close to a Punjabi music video’s typical campus setting. That is perhaps the outcome of years of platitudes, and of course, clichés. It is in fact much beyond the obvious.


Established in 1951 by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management committee to impart quality education, particularly to refugees of 1947. The vision extends to conserve and promote Punjabi language, culture and heritage. The college therefore celebrates occasions as birth anniversaries and martyrdom of Sikh Gurus with much enthusiasm. Add to the notion, 50% seats are exclusively reserved for Sikh-minority students.


SGTB Khalsa College prides of proficient infrastructure in a university glorified by shambled structures of cement advertisements. The five-building structure has several air-conditioned classrooms, elaborate auditoriums (seating capacity of more than 400), 2 seminar halls, three-storey library with air-conditioned reading rooms and a gymnasium. Khalsa particularly boasts on its eloquent sports infrastructure. A gigantic sports ground with flood lights, also housing a clay tennis court! (Yes! You read that right!)

The Jewels of Alumni

And why not? SGTB Khalsa holds the distinction of producing world champions in two different sports: Ashok Dewan (Hockey, 1975) and Mohinder Amarnath (Cricket, 1983). The college holds immense repute in the University sports circuit.

Actor Saurabh Shukla and Bulla ki Jaana singer Rabbi Shergill too are products of this college.

The Cultural Scene

The cultural societies are held in high-esteem in their respective circuits, particularly ANKUR: The Dramatics Society. Known for voicing societal concerns with dramatic grace, recurrently fails to please the “Liberal Student Politicos” and lands up in newspapers.

Events at Khalsa are incomplete without energetic performances by the EXCLUSIVE and highly-reputed Bhangra and Gidda Societies. It doesn’t end here. Dazzling with inventiveness and creativity, through their lens and balladry are the Photography Society, Pinhole and Poetry Society, Acrostic respectively.

Location is a big plus!

Life at Khalsa is more laid-back than glamorous unlike other North Campus colleges. Its proximity to Vishwavidaylya Metro Station makes it ultra-cool.

The hangout point is Jannat, yaar!

Khalsites love procrastinating at Jannat! Adjacent to the auditorium complex, it is an open-courtyard enveloped by a canopy of trees. Surrounded by buildings on three sides, it is well-protected from the sun. The courtyard is usually super-animated. Early mornings at Jannat are also the perfect setting for contemplation. If not Jannat, then the Cafe Coffee Day Express (CCDx also known as Farzi CCD) secretly placed near the botanical garden. Sitting at these places, you realise the fashion quotient of this college. The elegantly-dressed Khalsites set their standards of low-key fashion pretty high.

It gets pretty intense with student politics

Student politics here reaches an unprecedented level. Each party has a sizeable presence at this college. Every campaigner is bound to face resistance from their opponent’s college unit. Gigantic campaigning, such that walls are covered and Jannat is carpeted with election posters isn’t unusual. College election are somewhat better. A random guy being over-friendly, robotically folding hands urging “Please Vote and Support” barging dhols at Jannat with an assembled support group, and that’s pretty much about it.

College fest

The three-day College Fest, Lashkara is an extravaganza of sorts. Over the years, it has hosted eminent Punjabi singers and rappers as Diljit Dosanjh, Guru Randhawa and Jassi Gill among others. Interestingly, the concerts happen during the day.

What Chance do I have of getting in?

SGTB Khalsa College’s cut-offs do not sky-rocket unlike other campus colleges. They are pretty decent.  Last year they ranged between 90-99% for various courses. Though the college advanced university’s highest cut-offs in English (98.75%) and Electronics (99%), respectively.

SGTB Khalsa is bliss in its own unique way. Not as ‘classy’ as its neighbours, but noble in its own right. To sum it up in one line: If you wish to discover peace and tranquility in an animated setting, SGTB Khalsa College is the place, my friend!

Featured Image Credits: Saptaparno Ghosh


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