ABVP-AISA clashes at Arts Faculty


Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarathi Parishad (ABVP) clashed with the All India Student Association (AISA) at an open public meeting organised by the former at the Arts Faculty campus this Thursday. In an unfortunate turn of events, AISA was even asked to vacate the campus citing ‘inability’ to handle lesser ABVP protestors by a substantial number of cops. Titled ‘Idea of University’, the meet was to talk about the freedom and scope of university and discuss its violations leading to severe unrests in university spaces across the nation.

Earlier into the day, AISA was also refused to use mics by the administration, which they claim was an attempt to restrict their voices from reaching a larger audience. While the meeting was progressing swiftly, at around 2:30 P.M. the rightist-student ally greeted the gathering with anti-AISA slogans. Referring to them as rapists and anti-nationalists they described them as friends of Afzal Guru and Anmol Ratan asking them to leave the campus and the country. While Kavita Krishnan from AIPWA was addressing the gathering, an ABVP activist broke out into the assemblage in an alleged attempt to create disruption. Kawalpreet Kaur, President, AISA (Delhi University) activist too claims that DUSU President Amit Tanwar broke from police barriers and punched her, also injuring one of her friends.

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The picture perfect landscape at Arts Faculty turned into a political maidan with recurrent violent clashes, police interventions and anti-group sloganeering by both parties in response or initiation. With around seventy-eighty cops placed inside the campus, the situation surely seemed tense awaiting a worse unfortunate occurrence. While AISA placed them on the lawns, ABVP was placed near the path outside Equal Opportunity Cell and were separated by the sizeable police force. Some of the violent protestors are presumably arrested.

Kawalpreet Kaur speaking to the University Express stated the meeting to be successful despite the shabby attempts by the ally. She also referred to the occurrence as a devised nexus of the ABVP, police and administration. “The fact they threw soaps at girls asking us to clean ourselves clearly gives an idea about their mind-set. I need not say anything more”, reminds the activist questioning the availability of the university spaces to everyone for voicing and discussing opinions.


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