IIT Guwahati’s Alcheringa’17 to hold the first of its Delhi Auditions on 21st and 23rd October


Infoview Technologies presents Alcheringa Eternal Sands, Driven By Hero MotoCorp recently announced the first of its City Auditions in Delhi.

Find them at the DJ Competition, Crossfade at Cafe Dalal Street on 21st October and The Groghead on 23rd October for our Rock o Phonix, Alcheringa City Auditions.

To know more about the rules of the events, visit: http://www.alcheringa.in/rulebooklet.pdf

Register for the Delhi Auditions at the following link https://goo.gl/forms/sy8f71kfpvryQ1m43

Contact the following to know more:

1) Pingal Kakati : +91-9678755120

2) Akshay Kelkar : +91-9127067166

The winning band of the Rock-o-Phonix City Audition will also get a chance to record a song at a Studio sponsored by Yahavi.

The winning DJ of the Crossfade Finals at Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati also gets a chance to win a 7 month course worth Rs 1,60,000 at PartyMap DJ Academy at Mumbai.


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