Amity Suicide Case: Students Protest Outside College, Demand Justice


Of all the experiences in student life, the struggle with attendance is an unnecessary yet omnipresent one. Every college and university seems to have attendance rules to ensure strength in the class, even with faculty that often deserves no time of the day. While most of us breeze through after a few warnings, some are harassed to the extent that every bone is insulted. One of the stories that have come in front of us is the suicide of Sushant Rohilla, a student of Amity Law School affiliated to GGSIPU.

Sushant Rohilla, a 3rd year law student who had won the college accolades, attended classes despite a broken foot and brought sponsors for various college was detained because he couldn’t complete the required attendance mandate. Despite the existence of several people with far less attendance and no accomplishments to their name, he was one of the few singled out for this inhumane treatment by an institute who cares about nothing but money, and keeps the trophies the students achieve with one hand while denying attendance with another.

Enraged by the callous behaviour of the administration, students of all batches including the alumni have started a peaceful protest out of the main gate of Amity University, Noida. Over a hundred students stood in the heat, shouted slogans and spoke to the media highlighting the insensitive behaviour of the administration of their college. There are innumerable stories of many other students in the past who have been targeted and whose careers have been jeopardised because of the callous nature of a few people in the administration.



Students with personal family tragedies, extensive surgeries and unavoidable commitments have been told the college cannot help them in any manner. Finally fed up, the students demand a transparent attendance policy accompanied with basic empathy to student needs as well as resignation of those responsible for Sushant’s detainment and harassment. Many stories of various students who have been a part of this institution have come out and told their stories of bone-chilling experiences where many attempts were made to not let them earn their degrees.

The management has issued a statement about the loss of a bright student and sent the two faculty members whose resignation was being sought by the protesters on “forced leave”. The management is trying to crack down on the protest by making calls to the parents of the students. However, the students are determined to keep the protest going till the resignations are handed in and accepted.


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