Amity University’s Alleged Negligence Causes Death of 19-Year-Old

Justice for Udit

Amity University seems to come up in the news for all things notorious – the latest issue being the death of a 19 year old student who was pursuing B. Tech. at the varsity’s Noida campus. Udit Shankar Singh, a first year student, was found dead behind his hostel building on 24th November, 2016.

The death is said to have happened during the early hours of 24th morning but his body wasn’t taken to the hospital till 2:00 PM in the afternoon. While the family was told to not approach media at first, without any consent of the family, university officials approached the media themselves and tried to paint the whole incident as a suicide.

Quite certain that it isn’t a suicide case, Singh’s family claims that he had been doing really well lately and was someone who would share everything about his life with his family. Singh’s elder sister last spoke to him in a video call a few days before the fateful day and says that he was studying for an upcoming exam (which was on 24th) and looked absolutely fine. Even the autopsy suggests that the act wasn’t an attempted suicide, based on the injuries sustained by the deceased. The police haven’t registered an FIR yet and Singh’s sister has taken to social media to seek justice for her brother:

The floor that Singh allegedly fell from is not to be visited by students but sources say that the lock had been broken into and wasn’t fixed since quite a while. We’re told that Singh fell with his books, phone and spectacles – which further suggests that the act was an accident or perpetrated by someone instead of it being a suicide.

This being the second on-campus death within the same month, one really has to question the institute on various grounds. Prior to this, G Sai Krishna, a first year student of post graduate diploma in facilities management, had allegedly hung himself in his hostel room, on 5th November’16. Also comes to mind the infamous case of Sushant Rohilla’s suicide which also did not happen too long ago. Are we being too nonchalant about the death of innocent, young lives?




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