An Unresponsive (Delhi) University

Delhi University is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the country, thriving with opportunity and thus beckoning students from all over India to move to the capital to pursue their higher studies. To seek admission is an ordeal in itself- with exorbitant cutoffs, neck and neck competition and  unending administrative demands, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment upon finally joining the university that is hard to forget.
An email received by us recently, made us question the very foundation upon which Delhi University was built. Shilpa Sharma, a former student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, graduated from college in 2015. In 2016, she approached the college for official documentation, only to find that there were no records for an exam she had appeared for in 2012, and again in 2013. Despite presenting proof of her attendance, the college authorities refused to cooperate. She then turned to the Deputy controller of examinations, South campus, but to no avail. Sharma lost her scholarship at London University, and will not be able to pursue her masters unless the university decides to cooperate.
Below is the email that she had sent us, explaining her situation and the entirely irreverent way in which the administration at LSR and the South Campus office chose to deal with it.
Dear Sir/Ma’am,
Very good evening,
I am Shilpa Sharma, did my graduation in B.A (Hons) Journalism from “Lady Shri Ram College for Women”, in 2015. I am writing this letter with my complete sad and daunted heart, reason being – University of Delhi and LSR is completely behind my bright future with the sword of negligence. As they don’t have any record of my first semester  ER exam (2011)- Indian State and Democratic Polity, unique paper code- 101114 , which I had given twice that is in year 2012 as well as in year 2013. I cleared the same exam in 2013. 
These are few dictum which can actually make a detainee to go on transient nerve attack.
“You have to give your exams again as we don’t have any record of your marks” – Mrs. Sangeeta Singh (Admin officer, LSR) and Dr. Raja Rajan (Deputy Controller of Examination).
“Why you did not save your mark sheet”? And ergo we don’t have any records – Mrs. Sangeeta Singh (Admin officer, LSR) and Dr. Raja Rajan (deputy controller of examination).
 Now, my questions to the University and my not so eager to meet Principal ‘Dr. Suman Sharma’-
  • With much of high voice, LSR and university are asking me to give exam again;can you please show me the closure of mark sheet where they can prove that I have got an ER? 
  • Hereby, I quote the conversation of the officials
  • Mrs. Sangeeta Singh on call with Mrs. Kiran –
  • -Mrs. Sangeeta Singh -Did you get any application for the student named as Ms. Shilpa Sharma?
  • Mrs. Kiran– Nahi, mere paas koi nahi hai iss naam ka
  • Mrs. Sangeeta Singh– Arey , is ladki ke paas proof hai. 
  • Mrs. Kiran – acha haan, iska result nahi hai
       I have been continuously misguided both by the south campus and LSR admin staff. Asking me to show irrelevant proofs and perplexing blames had been poured over me. 
  • How can we (South campus and LSR) trust that you have chased university and college from last many years? Showed forms to Dr. Raja Rajan as he had asked me to bring proofs, I showed 2013 (2nd year) and 2015 (passed out) request form for my marks transcript. 
  • The funny question raised by Mrs. Kiran  (section officer) in South campus Parisar , how can we trust that you have given exam. To add on to the sad part,  was  the  same question that had been asked by my LSR admin staff, I proved them wrong by asking them firmly to give my Exam attendance sheet and henceI proved that I have given ER exam twice and appeared in both . 
  • In conversation with Mr. Sanjay(Vice-Principal) – “I will have word with Mrs. Sangeeta (Admin officer) and will update about it”. Well I got to know on 7th of March, 2016 that she did not even have any word concerning my issue with south campus authority. “ we will keep you updated” – Ms. Sangeeta Singh (Admin officer) she said this and on 7th march,2016 only I got to know from the admin staff that she is on 15 days leave, viola!!!. And till now no updates. 
  • “Go and meet O.S.D alias Dr. Satish in north campus, we cannot help you in this”- Mrs. Kiran (Section officer) from South campus , May I please know – am I suppose to do all running in between the triangle of LSR, South Campus and North Campus? Why am I being put in so much of arduous bin as all the documentation from my end has been done. 
Furthermore, quoting the fake and adjourned promises made by Deputy controller of examination(South Campus) 
  •  “Dr Raja Rajan – Do give me a week time, said on 2nd of March, 2016. On 7th march, give me 15 more days and I will let you know. Even after being on such high position, he himself is not certain of any actions.   
  • “Yes, you can not apply for any masters exam, obvio”- said by (with much of easiness) by Mrs. Sangeeta Singh(admin officer, LSR) and Mrs. Kiran (section officer). Because of their leniency, I will be losing my scholarship for London University and I will not be able to appear for any master’s exam. Thanks DU and big thanks to LSR (Ranked-1 College in India). 
  • Without even informing me with much of clever roll, forcibly they asked me to write a letter where I was asked to mention that “I have not cleared my ER and hence they are not issuing my certificates and mark sheet”,though I have cleared rest” and moreover they will change my year of passing to 2017, with much of proud they said. 
My simple question is- isn’t it the liability of the college authorities to keep a database of every student marks and update the same to south campus ?Where did my marks go? As I had seen and can say with much of surety that I have cleared my ER exam  in 2013. And if they don’t have my mark sheet then why are they creating political and emotional sphere to make me sit for the exam? 
As being a journalist, I am quite concerned about the future of rest of the students as the functioning of DU colleges specially LSR- Ranked 1 college in the nation has completely no active being to work for students rather working just for money especially those who have been to very high positions.
I request you to please take this issue under great importance and investigation as I am not the only one who Is suffering rather many others being scared and asked to give exams again just because of DU and its college leniency.
With Regards 
Shilpa Sharma


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