Bangalore University Admit Male Students in Women’s College

I hope I won’t be punished for something which is not my fault.

This is what one of the male students who is pursuing his Ph.D from a women’s college in Bangalore University said. In a recent news reported by the Times of India, Bangalore University has realised that two of its PhD students in women’s college are men. All this after 3 years when they themselves gave them a green signal! The university permitted two students who cleared the Ph.D entrance test in 2012 and 2013 respectively, to pursue their doctoral work from the Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science, located near the Maharani’s College for Women. Now when both the students have started their project work, the management is debating if the students can continue or not while students are left in a quandary.


The syndicate (the highest decision making body at BU) states, “At the last doctoral meeting, the dean, faculty of Science, had raised the issue, asking how a male student could be admitted to a women’s college. As per records, two male candidates have been admitted. No one from the college is opposing the move. The college chairperson has requested permission to two male candidates, stating they have completed their PhD course work and were submitting the programme progress reports on time.”

As per the sources, everything went smoothly until the university outright rejected a new application by stating the cause to be that he was a male candidate. This was when they realised that two male candidates were already doing it. One of the students as quoted in the Times of India said, “I have followed due process and even got certificates from the university for my course work. As this is a one-of-its-kind study in the country, I have spent a lot of money and time on the course, which is nearing completion. I hope I won’t be punished for something which is not my fault.”

While the blame game is on and management remains confused, what is your opinion about the entire case? Should the students be allowed to continue the course or universal rules should be applied?