Should Delhi University Adopt Bangalore University’s System?


You score 29/75 marks in semester examination. Hence, an ER (essential repeat) for just 1 mark!

Yes, this is not a rare situation at Delhi University. Rather, it happens often. The number of essential repeats in Delhi University has increased severely over the past few years. It is also to be noted, that the overall marks gained by students has also increased. While getting 60% in Delhi University was considered an achievement few years back, it is now a common happening. However, cases of border-line failure has increased.


Few months ago, Bangalore University came up with a system of grace marks to dissuade students from indulging in exam malpractice. This made it easier to pass for border-line cases. Under this system, 1 of the total marks for that semester will be earmarked for each student as grace marks. If the semester has six subjects with total marks of 600, the total grace marks earmarked will be six. But a maximum of two marks will be allotted per subject.

Once the rule is approved, if a student fails to get the minimum pass marks in a subject even after allotting two grace marks, then he/she will be given three more marks. But the student should have scored more than 50 in the remaining subjects. – K.N Ninge Gowda, Registrar (Evaluation) of Bangalore University (as quoted in the Times of India, 16th October 2015).

The current evaluation system at many central universities including Delhi University is not justified as per many students we talked to. The system of repeating a back paper after a year poses a big threat for those in semester 5 or 6 as it eats up an entire year. The reason being- a student cannot pursue any course until he/she clears the backlog in the subsequent year.

The grace system adopted by Bangalore University, is no doubt a good opportunity for those who are deserving candidates but fail to score passing marks in a subject or two. However, at the same time it has certain counter-arguments as well, like some students would take marks lightly. Also, if the mark statements of students mention the grace marks, it would put a bad impression on the candidates themselves.

What is your opinion about the grace system and current evaluation system at various universities? Do you think it will be a good idea to have such system at central level? Share with us in the comments below!