“Big Shift Ice Breaking Summit” – A Success This Thursday


Desirous times! People these days want something more out of their lives than just sitting behind a desk obeying orders given by the boss. This is the time of freedom, the time of everything “un”- unconventional, unreal (or dreamlike) and what not! This, is the time of start-ups.

The Misfits is an initiative taken by Inc42, with the aim of organising this large community of #youthpreneurs or young people striving towards creating successful start-ups by bringing them together and engaging them via events and activities to eventually impact a million minds by 2020. Not just this, but Campus Misfits, a team of highly motivated students, would be the campus arm of The Misfits program. The Misfits kick started with an event called “Big Shift” that took place this Thursday, the 21st of April at Innov8 in CP, New Delhi in association with Jaarvis Accelerator.

The event started with Brett Stevens, the Vice President of Jaarvis Accelerator, as he shared his experience as an accelerator and gave some healthy advice to all the hopefuls gathered there. The whole event proved to be a casual and a not-so-formal one with people actively joining the conversation and partaking in the on goings.

Working for a startup is a lot more fun than working for an MNC. You have more freedom and make more friends. -Brett Stevens

The long and interesting talk by Brett was followed by an even more interesting QnA session of a few minutes after which the co-founder of Innov8, Ritesh Malik, himself came up and talked about his life. How a rejected proposal to a girl awoke his passion to do something big and his “majestic dreaming” took him to these great heights, inspired the lot present there!

The worst thing one would do while pitching is, bring up two ideas. Always focus on one, make it successful, and then go to next. -Brett Stevens


A startup is not about money, it’s about living your dream -Ritesh, on Funding


A perfect pitch is about 5 mins long, with 5-6 slides -Brett Stevens

Following Ritesh’s overwhelming conversation, was a short talk by Sakshi from NASSCOM, a non-profit organization, briefing the audience about the company and a short brief by Shivam from Delhi Startups. However, the focus of the event were the five pitchers who were ready to pitch their startup ideas to Brett Stevens and other panelists. It was a pleasure being a part of such a creative zone that was created by the #youthpreneurs. Moreover, what was more highlighted was the reverse pitch by Brett as feedback to the pitchers; because nothing is more interesting for a team than hearing someone talk about what they are doing, in a new way!

Last but not the least, we had Amit Pandey speaking about The Misfits as a new initiative and its roadmap to success in detail, followed by power networking and snacks; and gifts from Jaarvis accelerator!

All things considered, the event was a success and we hope to see more meetups like this in the upcoming days.



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