Are you a budding writer? This one is for you!


Writing, is as simple and as complex as anything you can imagine. Writing your guts on a crisp white sheet of paper and presenting it on a platter in a form that is consumable; a form that is not as haunting as the idea of creating it haunted you in the first place. Weaving magic with your words. Something you can brush up with practice but hardly learn. People have all sorts of reasons for why they write, some do it for money, others for pleasure. As dirty as it sounds, this actually is the truth. Although not very highly paid, people do pursue a career in writing; spend their lives changing lives, or being Chetan Bhagat. (don’t be that!)

If you’re an aspiring writer, there couldn’t have been a better way for you to start the year.

AIB  (All India Bakchod)

has just launched a new program called AIB First Draft, which will work as a six month writing residency program where 8 upcoming writers from across the nation will be selected, and will get to work on an all-expenses paid trip to Mumbai (because AIB is nice like that.) to polish their writing skills. The program has caused a lot of interest among aspiring writers of the country, with the website – – crashing thrice on the first day itself.

 “We’ve always wanted to start a school – this is a first step towards it. We get to meet and groom a whole bunch of awesome writers and in our very small way, give back to the creative industry. And we have the potential to produce great content. It’s a win-win situation.”


I say register for it ASAP. Aalsi mat bano. Your big chance might be just around the corner.

For those who wanted to become filmmakers or write stories- 

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali is giving a chance to aspiring filmmakers and content creators to showcase their talent on a digital platform through a project, “SPOTLight”.

The “Tamasha” director has partnered with entertainment mobile app nexGTV for the initiative, which will allow people to develop original short videos across a variety of genres, including horror, satire, drama, social, comedy fiction and reality. The selected videos will be carried under “SPOTLight”, Imtiaz will judge top five-viewed videos on the app every month and select one video for the prize of Rs 1 Lakh.

India, today, is brimming with talented individuals just looking for ways top express themselves through their creativity. “‘Spotlight’ gives them the perfect stage to channel their genius to create something that resonates with the public. I am glad to be involved in such a wonderful initiative and look forward to seeing the best entries,”

Imtiaz Ali

Interested people can get started by creating their account on the app and uploading their content.

Opportunities are all around you, all you need to do is grab hold of them and your pen.


Also… (No we aren’t done yet!)

There are numerous pages on Facebook, like The Anonymous Writer, Berlin Artparasites, and Terribly Tiny Tales, to name a few, created to showcase the works of talented writers, just like you. Stop reading now! Gon on! Start working!