Cancelled Visas, Deported Students and Shattered Hopes




The news comes in the light of constant re-occurrences Indian students being deported back to their native lands. It commenced with the forced retrieval of 16 students, who despite possessing valid F1 visas were sent back by the USA immigration authorities. The alleged reason being their enrollment into universally blacklisted colleges that are Silicon Valley University (SVU) in San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic (NPU) in Fremont. Although the US authorities seem firm on their stand, there has been incessant discrepancy in the explanation offered by the universities and Air India, the flight carrier.

Nonetheless, the humiliation doesn’t end here. On 8th January, a contingent of 23 students were deported back immediately after their arrival in the United States. The immigration authorities cancelled their visas without verifying the records and also scrutinized the kids until the very depth of reaching the boiling point. The reason of the above remains unattended since all the students belonged to highly eminent universities like University of New Haven and DeVry University. Yet, according to diplomatic sources, the US has denied any large-scale denial of entry of Indian students and claims that CBP agents decide each case on its own merit whether it is genuine or not.

The unending ruckus has only left the aspirants fuming in anger and despair. After putting in hours of determined effort and hard-earned investments into education, they have been rendered homeless.

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