Change Made to Economics Question Paper During Exam


In an absurd turn of events, a question in the annual examination paper of Intermediate Macroeconomics, was changed while the exam was going on, for students of Economics at Delhi University.

While few colleges claimed that the university had sent them a communication during the exam and they did not have a say in the process, few other colleges said the students had raised certain issues with the question, reports NDTV.

The question paper given to the students required them to answer a particular question according to ‘Permanent Income Hypothesis’. However, the DU authorities changed the question to be answered according to ‘Lifecycle Hypothesis’.

The change wasn’t a welcome one for many. With just an hour left for the students to stop writing, few students objected to the change as they had already answered the particular question.

A student of Zakir Hussain College said that, “By the time we were informed of the change, I had already answered that question. Hence, it left we with no time to change the answer and since all the questions carried 7.5 marks it is a risky affair skipping any question.”

“The question paper is evaluated at various stages before being finalised for a particular exam. This time of chaos is unexpected from the university but will definitely hamper our performance,” said another student.

Initial objections about the issue were raised at Hansraj College. “Few students complained to the invigilators that the language of the particular question was not clear. We then raised the issue with the university authorities who told us that similar complaints have been received from few other colleges and they notified a replacement for the question,” said Rama Sharma, Principal Hansraj College.

Roop Lal, Delhi University’s Dean of Examinations, refused to comment on the issue.

As reported by NDTV.

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