CIC teacher attacked by four student activists


Four students allegedly attacked a North-East faculty of the multi-disciplinary Cluster Innovation Centre Canteen this Friday. The scuffle took place at the Centre’s canteen.

“Four youths were sitting in the canteen. They were teasing and passing lewd remarks at women seated there. We did not recognise them but I was told they were from a student organisation.” an eyewitness told the Indian Express.

The eyewitness added that the teacher intervened upon complaints from the students. The activists then turned to argue with her in abusive language, also beating up a student who was recording the incident on his mobile phone.  “A case has been registered and we are investigating the matter,” said Pradeep Narwal, DCP (North).

The four students left after the scene, only to return with two more people armed with sticks. They tried to attack the teacher and the student recording the incident until the other students present and the security intervened.

The attackers fled by the time Police arrived.

The incident raise severe questions on CIC’s strict security procedures. One cannot enter the campus without a valid I-Card. These goons not only managed to sneak through, but also misbehave with the students. Also, students narrated the group had been flocking the college campus for nearly a week before the incident.

The faculty and centre’s administration remained unavailable for comment.

Source: Indian Express



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