Common Entrance Test for admission in central universities: HRD Ministry


To do away with the burden that the students feel after their exams of applying to colleges and writing different entrance examinations in order to grab a seat in the course of their choice, our new HRD minister Prakash Javedekar is soon to make some changes in the way admissions are done.

HRD ministry is going to have a meeting with the VCs of all central universities on October 6 in order to discuss about the new procedure of admissions.

If the meeting gets successful in its agenda, students would not have to deal with the tedious process of applying to multiple colleges and giving numerous entrances. This will also make it fair for the students in the terms that those who deserve but miss out by a margin will get a chance to show their capability in the entrances and have a fair chance to compete for a seat despite the differences in qualifying scores.

This will let every student pursue the course of their choice irrespective of the marks they scored, making it purely based on the performance they showcase in the entrances. Aspirants would not have to apply to many universities, pay more fee or write numerous admission tests.

The disparity between the ways in which answer sheets are marked which often leads to some students having an upper hand when leniently marked by their respective state boards (Tamil Nadu for instance) will also be curbed out, hence making it fair for other students. 

Besides discussing this primary issue, the meeting will also have a discussion pertaining to the shortage of teachers in universities.


Source: India Today


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