Commotion at FDDI. Students’ Careers at Risk?


Guess what’s next!

UGC pronounced an MoU between the Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) and Mewar University, on the basis of which students were to be awarded degrees, invalid a year ago. The students have been agitating ever since but, recently due to uncertainty and frustration, the students started violent protests at FDDI, Noida.

Hundreds of FDDI students across the country are worried about their degrees and think this move can have long-term effects on their careers. Moreover, there are many students who say they have to repay bank loans they had taken to pay the Rs.12,00,000-15,00,000 fee the institute demanded; and without a job, this will be difficult.

However, there are some who disagree.  Sandeep Bhatia, Deputy General Manager at the FDDI Noida Campus, feels that the controversy will not impact job opportunities.

“This institute isn’t going by any degree, it is based more on skills,” he said. “We have a very close link with corporates. In footwear, retail and leather, we are the only institute, they cannot function without us… students’ careers are not hampered in terms of placement. Definitely, there is an issue regarding degree and diploma, but job opportunities are not affected.”

A senior manager of the institute’s placement cell seconded his view and expressed how most of the courses at FDDI are skill based and therefore knowing the content is more important for a student.

“Most of the companies are not even bothered whether they are getting a degree or diploma, they are more concerned about whether they have completed the course and are skilled to do the job.” She said.

The institute has tried to pacify the students till now, by hoping that the degree controversy gets sorted soon and there are better placement options available next year to students, than there are now.

Moreover, the HR Manager of a reputed footwear manufacturing and retail firm himself supported the claims of the institute.

“We have hired two or three students from the institute this year. It’s not that the degree is not needed, but if students have the skills… we would not usually hesitate to offer them a job.” He said.


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